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  • Some sociological aspects of Istrian tourism
  • Some aspects of rainfall for Jamaica, West Indies
  • Some aspects of industrial migration in India
  • Population potential and some related measures
  • Some problems in planning the office economy in a Third World city : the example of Tunis
  • Collectivization in China: some comparisons with the USSR
  • Some issues and problems in world food production
  • Fertility in Israël: a mini survey and some new findings
  • Some aspects of language planning in Quebec and Finland
  • Some application of supercomputers in urban and regional analysis and modelling
  • Some characteristics of free faces in the Magaliesberg of the Southern Transvaal
  • The Rural exodus in Southern Europe, a review of some recent literature
  • The Brazilian economic miracle and regional policy: some evidence from the urban Northeast
  • City sizes and quality of life: some observations
  • The distribution of sulphur and carbon-nitrogen-sulphur relationships in some North Queensland soils
  • Some demographic indicators for Khartoum conurbation, Sudan
  • Residential location and the provision of human services: some directions for geographic research
  • Fewer, larger US farms by year 2000-and some consequences
  • Some important aspects of the morphological processes in the southwestern United States
  • Salt weathering simulation-some comments and reply