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  • The propagation of an error in Long and Sharp's (1964) data on barchan dune movement
  • A misprint in a classic study of desert dunes (Long and Sharp, Geological Society of America Bulletin, 1964, Vol. 75, pp. 149-156) is reported. Its influences on subsequent literature are examined. The true data of dune migration speed collected
  • by Long and Sharp are found to show better correlation with dune height than seen in 2 recent textbooks and a paper by the AA.
  • A Sharpe portfolio approach to regional economic analysis
  • revenu. Test empirique du modèle de Sharpe pour mesurer la diversité économique et la vulnérabilité d'une région à l'égard des fluctuations conjoncturelles. Comparaison de deux comtés de l'Indiana pour expliquer plus clairement les variations de l'emploi
  • into sharper focus has been shown in Table-I. - (PLK)
  • Initial formation of towns in the territory of Slovakia, spatial manifestation of medieval towns and spatial transformations up to present times, when the towns have achieved a sharp rythme of development. (MS).
  • that human activities had little effect on the seaward water while the sharp decrease of sediment volume and concentration in runoff led to the sharp decrease of turbidity maximum zone in the estuary. The suspended sediment concentration in North Passage
  • Sharp decrease in summer monsoon strength 4000-3500 cal yr B.P. in the central Higher Himalaya of India based on pollen evidence from alpine peat
  • The remoteness of this small island helped to preserve it as a last outpost of the Irish language but eventually combined with maritime influences and sharp awareness of outside opportunities to enhance the role and status of English. Irish
  • The AA. use family-status life tables to assess the effects of changes in demographic processes (sharp decline in fertility and mortality, aging population) on the family status of elderly women and to project trends in elderly women's family status.