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  • Century-scale stream network dunamics in the Russian Plain in response to climate and land use change
  • Climatic variability ; Drainage density ; Drainage network ; Eighteenth Century ; Erosion ; European part of Russia ; Forest ; Gully erosion ; Land use ; Nineteenth Century ; Russian Plain ; Steppe ; Stream ; Twentieth Century
  • The spatial and temporal dynamics of stream net density (SND) within the Central and Southern parts of the Russian Plain during the last two centuries are studied by comparison of historical cartographic sources. A significant decrease of SND
  • Palaeohydrology of the Seim River basin, Mid-Russian Upland, based on palaeochannel morphology and palynological data
  • Bassin-versant ; Cours d'eau ; Diagramme pollinique ; Dnepr ; Glaciation ; Géométrie hydraulique ; Méandre ; Palynologie ; Paléo-environnement ; Paléohydrologie ; Plaine d'inondation ; Quaternaire ; Russie d'Europe ; Variation climatique
  • slope of the Mid-Russian Upland into the Desna River, middle Dnepr basin.
  • and the evolution took place only in the one active branch (valley). Only young terraces are preserved in the section between Orsha and Shklov : low Vistulian-Young Pleniglacial terraces and two levels of the Late Glacial-Holocene flood plains. With the large
  • horizontal stability of the channel, the modelling of flood plains resulted only form a vertical accretion of overbank deposits. Phases of the intensified activity of the Dneper which have been identified on the border of the Atlantic and Subboreal and during
  • the Subatlantic about 2100 and 1000 BP manifested themselves here by changes of the type of sedimentation on flood plains (buried soils). These phases are conditioned by the climate, altough in the younger one a remarkable influence of human activity is evident
  • Bassin-versant ; Hydrologie ; Lit fluvial ; Modèle ; Paléoclimat ; Paléohydrologie ; Pente de versant ; Plaine d'inondation ; Scénario
  • Thirteen paleomeanders on the oldest parts of meander belts on floodplains in the Coastal Plain of Georgia and the Carolinas (southeastern USA) were selected for radiocarbon dating to determine the onset of meandering following braiding during
  • Action anthropique ; Allemagne ; Bayern ; Colluvions ; Erosion des sols ; Géoarchive ; Holocène ; Paléo-environnement ; Paléoclimat ; Paléogéomorphologie ; Plaine d'inondation ; Préhistoire ; Sédimentologie ; Variation climatique