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  • Climatic change ; Ecotone ; Flood control ; Frontier ; Landscape ; Landscape ecology
  • The study is based on the assumption that the landscape borders are not perpetual lines, great nature transformation works like regulation of the river ways, protection against floods, the probable global climate change, or even the changes
  • of the persistent land use can alter them by decreasing or increasing the width of the transit zones, landscape ecotones. - (AM)
  • Biogeography ; Geosystem ; Hungary ; Land use ; Landscape ; Landscape structure
  • Debrecen University researchers have been conducting detailed landscape geographical examinations in the Bodrogkeresztúr Basin since the 1970's. This paper describes the landscape structural analyses based on the sample area, the biogeographical
  • Europe ; Human impact ; Land use ; Landscape ; Landscape dynamics ; Landscape ecology ; Research programme
  • Author reports on Pan-European research programmes and networks specialised in the field of landscape ecology. The main aim of these programmes is to clarify the relations between physical geographical conditions, anthropogenic effects and land use
  • A tajokologia idoszerü kérdései az angol nyelvü szakirodalom alapjan (Topical issues in landscape ecology on the basis of English-language literature)
  • Author reviews the history of landscape ecology, its relations with bioecology, definitions and methodology as well as practical applications. - (DLO)
  • Alps (The) ; Europe ; Geosystem ; Landscape ; Mountain
  • Author reports on landscape evaluation methods applied in the UN's Humanity and Biosphere Programme examining high altitude conditions in the Alps. - (JS)
  • Correlation ; County ; Data base ; Hungary ; Microregion ; Natural landscape ; Physical geography ; Region ; Settlement ; Social geography
  • The majority of the data of the physical geography concerns the natural landscapes, reservoirs or relief units. In the social geography opposite this the data to the administrative units; settlements, micro regions, counties, regions, or a whole
  • country refers. Since the border of the small landscapes and the administrative units is different mostly, the two databases difficult to compare.The authors calculated how Hungary’s small landscapes (microregions) are divided between the counties, in what
  • kind of proportion can be unloaded the 19 counties from small landscapes for wich there are 100, 90 or 2/3 of his parts in the given county. - (AM)
  • Applied ecology ; Geomorphology ; Hungary ; Landscape ; Slope
  • Author deals with the geomorphological and ecological landscape structure of Tokaj-Hegyalja Region (NE-Hungary). Foothill areas have a special status in geographical areal structure. The pediments are regarded as connecting landscape units
  • Environmental conservation ; Hungary ; Infrastructure ; Landscape ; Microregion ; Network ; Urban system
  • The degree of ecological fragmentation of landscapes is a useful index for landscape protection and planning. In this study that index was determined using 1:250 000 scale maps of Road Atlas of Hungary and Cadatre of Microregions of Hungary
  • This paper describes the physical and human geographical characteristics of Spiekeroog Island (East Friesland, The Netherlands). The landscape of the island and its location provides good possibilities for seasonal tourism. The recent development
  • , is an increasingly popular topic of landscape ecology. The ecological role of the edge zones is proportional to the contrast between the ecological properties of the areas they separate. The ecological contrast is the sharpest possible round the town outskirts. - (ZK)