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  • Micrometeorological characteristics of a rubber plantation on Hainan Island, China
  • In this paper, the micrometeorological characteristics of rubber tree stands, heat balance, radiative and aerodynamic properties are analyzed with data for three years (April 1986 to March 1989).
  • Regional geochemistry of rubber plantation in Hainan Island, China
  • The geochemical characteristics of the soils and economic crops on Hainan Island are different from place to place. Formulation of an overall planning is urgently required for the development of agriculture, including the cultivation of rubber
  • Cost-return analysis of the substitution of food crops for rubber in the small holder cropping system of Southern Nigeria : a case study of Bendel State
  • Monetary return food crops enterprise compares favourably with returns from other economic activities while that from rubber does not. It is estimated that by 1991 rubber plantations may be eliminated in this study area if the present trend
  • Rubber movements in a marketing network: small holders in Peninsular Malaysia
  • Disappearance of pink-pigmented Globigerinoides ruber at 120,000 yr BP in the Indian and Pacific Oceans
  • The planktonic foraminiferal species Globigerinoides ruber with pink-pigmented tests occupied a worldwide warm water belt during much of the Pleistocene. This variety was exterminated from the Indian and Pacific Oceans at about 120,000 yr BP, based
  • Etude de cas ; Foraminifère ; Globigerinoides ruber ; Géographie physique ; Méthodologie ; Neogloboquadrina pachyderma ; Océan ; Paléo-océanographie ; Paléoclimatologie ; Paléotempérature ; Plancton ; Quaternaire marin
  • Case studies of the sediment record in the Atlantic for two species of planktonic Foraminifera, left-coiling Neogloboquadrina pachyderma (Ehrenberg) and Globigerinoides ruber (d'Orbigny), illustrate seasonal bias in environmental data reported
  • by the relative abundances of species in deep-sea sediments. In addition, the study of G. ruber illustrates the operation of two oceanographic parameters in controlling a species distribution. These examples demonstrate that the environmental signal
  • Mapping the geochemistry of the northern Rub' Al Khali using multispectral remote sensing techniques
  • Arabie saoudite ; Cartographie thématique ; Dune ; Désert ; Golfe persique ; Géochimie ; LANDSAT ; Minéralogie ; Océan Indien ; Paléogéographie ; Rub' al-Khālī ; Sable ; Sédiment marin ; Thematic Mapper ; Télédétection ; Variation spatiale
  • and the results extrapolated over large, inaccessible areas. This technique is applied to part of the Rub' Al Khali in the northern United Arab Emirates. Trend surface analysis of the results suggests that the sand sea at this location can be modelled as an east
  • The statistical analysis of the sand grain size distribution of Al Ubaylah barchan dunes, Northwestern Ar-Rub-Alkhali desert, Saudi Arabia in Saudi Arabia. (L'Arabie Saoudite)
  • Rubber plantation and its relationship with topographical factors in the border region of China, Laos and Myanmar
  • The AA. examine the rubber plantation and its relationship with topographical factors in the border region of China, Laos and Myanmar. They show that for the period of time study, it expanded further in all directions with Jinghong City
  • as the center. Also, a great proportion of rubber plantation concentrated in the appropriate elevation gradients between 600 and 1000 m. They also demonstrate that there in an increase in area at higher elevations and steeper slopes in China, while there were
  • large appropriate topographical gradients for rubber plantation in Laos and Myanmar which benefited China for rubber trans-boundary expansion.
  • Studies on the impact of winter climate on rubber and wheat cultivation in the mountains of southern China
  • The expansion of rubber in southern Yunnan, China
  • Soviet synthetic rubber production declines
  • An optimized rubber-sheet algorithm for continuous area cartograms
  • Analisi ricapitolativa sulla distribuzione europea del fenicottero rosa (Poenicopterus ruber roseus) e sua densità in alcuni stagni sardi dal 1977 al 1985
  • La prédation du flamant rose Phoenicopterus ruber roseus par le goeland leucophée Larus cachinnans en Camargue
  • On the spatial spread and oligopolistic behavior of large rubber companies
  • On the variation of temperature with height of mountainous regions in tropical China and its effect on cultivation of rubber tree
  • The Apple River in northwest Wisconsin, USA, has become popular as a place to float downstream in the clean water on rubber tubes. A new recreational activity has had a significant economic impact on the local area. - (DWG)
  • A study was made to determine the impact of a plantation of rubber trees Hevea brasiliensis and an adjacent suburban environment on birds inhabiting the western lowlands of peninsular Malaysia. Distribution of several bird species appeared
  • Comparaison des études effectuées dans les différents systèmes dunaires de Simpson (Australie), du Kalahari, de la Namibie, du Sahara et de Rub al Khali en Arabie Saoudite: sédimentologie et essais de modélisation des actions éoliennes.