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  • Carpathian Mountains ; Geomorphogenesis ; Mountain ; Regional geology ; Romania
  • Author provides an overview about the geological formation and geomorphological development of the inner string of basins in the Eastern Carpathians (Romania). - (ZK)
  • Rural transformation in Romania in The peasantry of Eastern Europe. Volume II. 20 th Century developments.
  • Carpathian Mountains ; Lithology ; Mountain ; Romania ; Sedimentology ; Structural geomorphology
  • Author investigates the geomorphological characteristics of the Apuseni mountains (Romania). Among others the types of relief structures and the petrological characteristics of the different ranges of the mountains are examined. - (JS)
  • Applied ecology ; Applied geography ; Environment ; Environmental degradation ; Pollution ; Romania ; Transylvania
  • Author discusses the consequences of environmental degradation and pollution in the Küküllõ and Middle-Maros area Transsylvania, Romania. - (JS)
  • Pesteri din România.. (Grottes de Roumanie)
  • Tipuri de versanti în România. (Types de versants en Roumanie)
  • Present tendencies in the dynamics of Romania's relief
  • Centrally planned urbanization: the case of Romania in En hommage au professeur W. William-Olsson.
  • Probleme ale cunoaşterii sistemului aluviunilor în România
  • Fluvial processes ; Hydrodynamics ; Romania ; Sediment load ; Sediment transport ; Sedimentary
  • An introductory paper, considering the sediment system as a part of the fluvial geomorphic system, structured on several levels : control factors, geomorphic processes, sources, storage and effluence. In Romania the Carpathians lies on 21
  • % of the capacity of the reservoirs. This paper points out the production of sediments, offers a brief history of the knowledge in this domain, in Romania, and tries to establish some priorities in research.―(M. Vârlan).
  • European regional integration case study of Romania
  • Economic growth ; Economic strategy ; Economy ; European Union ; Foreign investment ; Optimization ; Regional integration ; Romania
  • Romania after accession to the EU, on 1 January 2007, tried to find a strategy to optimize the integration of the country from economic, social, technological and environmental viewpoint. A context in which Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) help
  • the market economy comes as appropriate to the current world-wide political landscape, but equally create and enlarge contradictions. Romania meat a new inflow of FDI after 2000, surpassing its neighbour countries year after year. But the growth prospects
  • Urban and rural spaces in the border regions of Western Romania. Problems of the transformation process and perspectives of sustainable regional development
  • Frontier region ; Regional development ; Romania ; Rural area ; Spatial structure ; Sustainable development ; Urban area
  • The authors present the state of the urban and rural spaces in Western Romania, taking into consideration not only the situation after Hungary's accession to the EU and the vinicity of the new EU border, but also the processes of the transformation
  • Romania. All three dimensions of sustainability will be analyzed since bringing them together in coherent strategies seems to be the most difficult issue. - (IfL)
  • Geography in the New Romania
  • Historical geography ; Industrial complex ; Industrial region ; Landscape ; Romania ; Timiş ; Urban development ; Urban growth ; Urban population
  • The paper is about one of Romania's aldest industrial regions which has developed around the metallurgical complex of Resita. Interaction between the town and the surrounding district is traced through several technological phases; leading up
  • Some geographical remarks on education and prints in the languages of ethnic groups in Romania
  • Data ; Education ; Ethnic community ; Ethnic group ; Language ; Location ; Publishing ; Romania ; Schooling
  • România - consideraţii geopolitice II
  • Geopolitics ; Political geography ; Romania
  • La Romania dimenticata. Breve storia e dissoluzione delle popolazioni romanze a sud del Danubio
  • Balkans ; Cultural studies ; Ethnic community ; Europe ; Language ; Romania ; Settlement ; Settlement history
  • Subterranean stream piracy in the upper basin of the Somesul Cald Valley Area, Bihor Mountains, Romania
  • Groundwater ; Hydrogeology ; Karst ; Mountain ; Romania ; Tracer
  • Crisite - a new mineral species found in the Bolhac cave (Padurea Craiului mountains, Romania)
  • Karst ; Mineralogy ; Romania
  • The planning of rural settlement in Romania
  • Development strategy ; New town ; Planning ; Romania
  • Industrial parks in Romania's towns. Present-day trends
  • Business district ; Core-periphery ; Foreign investment ; Industrial city ; Industry ; Infrastructure ; Investment ; Romania
  • Chrono-toposequences of soils on the river terraces in Transylvania (Romania)
  • Archaeology ; Fluvial terrace ; Geomorphology ; Palaeontology ; Palaeosol ; Romania ; Soil science ; Transylvania