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  • Dynamics of selected mountain streams in the Western United States of America
  • Evaluation du rôle régulateur que jouent les barrages naturels de blocs, cailloutis et troncs abattus, dans six torrents d'Arizona et du Colorado. Les analyses prouvent que l'on peut caractériser l'équilibre dynamique des cours d'eau par le profil
  • Eigenvector analysis of seasonal temperature, precipitation and synoptic-scale system frequency over the contiguous United States. I. Winter
  • du Nord joue un rôle capital. Sur les deux-tiers orientaux des USA, l'hiver est normalement froid et sec, ou doux et humide. Sur l'ouest, au contraire, la douceur sèche s'oppose au froid humide. (JPB).
  • Catastrophe ; Colombie ; Coulée boueuse ; Environnement ; Eruption volcanique ; Etats-Unis ; Glaciaire ; Géographie physique ; Microstructure ; Mount Saint Helens ; Nevado El Ruiz ; Pyroclastique ; Risque naturel ; Volcanisme ; Washington State
  • Etude du rôle des interférences de l'activité éruptive avec les eaux de fusion nivale et glaciaire qui s'avère capital dans : la genèse de l'hydro-magmatisme sur des volcans andésitiques actifs et englacés| la sédimentation volcaniclastique
  • Synoptic-scale variability in the probability of precipitation from thunderstorms in the United States
  • A synoptic-scale climatology of precipitation amounts from thunderstorms is developed by analysis of amounts from individual storms for 220 stations in the conterminous United States for the period 1948-1977. The probability of having a thunderstorm
  • Evaluation of the collection, archiving and publication of daily snow data in the United States
  • Snow is an important component of the earth's environment and can significantly impact the everyday life. The quality of the data varies from one state to another, although it tends to be weakest where snow is least common. As a result
  • A Markov and runs analysis of drought in the central United States
  • -state region of Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.
  • The reference base for compaction state of soils in Impact of water and external forces on soil structure. Selected papers of the 1st Workshop on soilphysics and soilmechanics, Hannover 1986.
  • Comparison of the results with those of the laboratory experiments show that in virgin soils a compaction state prevails in the subsoil that is caused by higher loads as applied in the lab-experiments. This might be brought about by occasional
  • extreme drying. The A. concludes that the relation between void ratio and vertical stress is a characteristic of the structural state of a soil profile.
  • Micromorphology and mineralogy of gullied soils in Anambra State, Nigeria
  • Cryolithogenesis, the composition and structure of frozen rocks, and ground ice (the current state of the problem)
  • Secular changes of precipitation in the Rocky Mountains States
  • Summation of Quaternary glaciations in the United States of America in Quaternary glaciations in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Comparison of the marine oxygen isotope record, the eustatic sea level record, and the chronology of glaciation in the United States of America in Quaternary glaciations in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Bird communities and vegetation structure in the United States
  • Development and present state of german periglacial research in arctic and alpine environments
  • Colloque international de karstologie appliquée. Liège 1984. Ein Bilanz. (International meeting on applied problems of karst terrains. A statement)
  • Interpolation errors and spatial resolution of the United States solar radiation network
  • Drought during the 1930 s and 1950 s in the Central United States
  • Some soil characteristics of termite moulds under Guinea savanna climate, Zaria, Kaduna state, Nigeria
  • A method for characterizing the state of compactness of an arable soil in Impact of water and external forces on soil structure. Selected papers of the 1st Workshop on soilphysics and soilmechanics, Hannover 1986.
  • The method, described here, gives a useful characterization of the state of compactness of an annually tilled soil layer from a biological point of view. The main goal was to develop a method, giving maximum crop yield with the same degree
  • A climatology of intra-monthly temperature variability in the conterminous United States 1951-1980
  • Monthly standard deviations of daily maximum (high) temperatures are computed and mapped for 151 sites across the conterminous United States for the period 1951-1980 in order to portray spatial and temporal variations of intra-monthly temperatures