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  • New Sweden's role on the american frontier : a study in cultural preadaptation
  • ; Peuplement ; Relation homme-environnement ; Scandinaves ; Siècle 17 ; South Atlantic States
  • Afforestation ; Colonisation ; Croissance économique ; Gestion des ressources ; Géographie historique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Industrie du bois ; Investissement ; Nouvelle-Zélande ; Pastoral ; Régulation du marché ; Rôle de l'Etat ; Scierie
  • occurred after 1900 because of a timber famine, which saw a stricking move by the state to control the industry and signalled a shift into large scale exotic afforestaties schemes.
  • Alexander von Humboldt and the United States
  • A half-century of urban geography in the United States
  • Radical geography in the United States: a personal history in The best of Antipode 1969-1985.
  • Urban geography in the United States : my experience of the formative years
  • Unity by inclusion: core area and Federal State at American independence
  • The first French map of the United States of America
  • The two states of Champlain's carte geographique
  • Neo-Lamarckism and the development of geography in the United States and Great Britain
  • The status of regional geography and area studies in the United States : an off-shore view from Hawaii in Recent trends and perspectives in regional geography of South Asia.
  • The position of regional geography in the United States. In recent years, geographers seem to have been riding off in all directions. Regional geography may provide an empirical basis for testing new theories against the complexity of the real world
  • Land subdivision on the Holland purchase in western New York State, 1797-1820
  • Allotissement ; Cadastre ; Commune ; Etats-Unis ; Foncier ; Front pionnier ; Géographie historique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Investissement hollandais ; Mise en valeur ; New York State ; Organisation de l'espace ; Paysage rural ; Peuplement
  • Some thoughts on the development of urban geography in the United States during the 1950s and 1960s
  • Portuguese emigration from the Azores to the United States during the nineteenth century. A contribution to its study
  • Agriculture and the state in ancient Mesopotamia. An introduction to problems of land tenure
  • The orderly landscape: landscape tastes and the United States survey
  • With scarcely a ripple : English Canadians in northern New York State at the beginning of the twentieth century
  • Canadiens anglais ; Communauté ; Etats-Unis ; Ethnicité ; Histoire de la géographie ; Industrialisation ; Intégration sociale ; Localisation résidentielle ; Migration ; New York State ; Structure professionnelle ; Syracuse ; Watertown
  • The spatial evolution of academic geography in the United States
  • Natural theology and Neo-Lamarckism: the changing context of Nineteenth-century geography in the United States and Great Britain