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  • This paper discusses the current issues and future prospects of the agricultural reform in Lithuania. It analyzes the restoration of ownership rights to farmland, forests and water bodies, and distribution of State-owned farmland. The paper
  • overviews the progress in the completion of formal requirements for the transfer of property rights in households. The author evaluates the successive phase of the reform in which State-owned farmland and forests will be sold to private owners. The paper
  • on a review of published sources, legal acts and statistical data, including the latest data from the National Land Service at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Register Center, a State-Owned Enterprise. – (BJ)
  • 2012
  • is understood in the work as the image and a state of the human life environment. The rural land patterns express the organization of the space and determine the appearance of country areas. Historically formed layouts are cultural heritage and it is necessary
  • 2012
  • of agricultural produce. This article presents the spatial variation of the structural changes in Poland against the agrarian structure of Germany. The author pays more attention to East Germany due to the membership of both states in the socialist block
  • 2012