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  • Woody vegetation and channel morphogenesis in low-gradient, gravel-bed streams in the Ozark Plateaus, Missouri and Arkansas
  • Arkansas ; Carrying capacity ; Channel geometry ; Flood ; Floodplain ; Fluvial processes ; Missouri ; River bed ; Tree ; United States of America ; Vegetation
  • This paper presents the results of a study of relations between woody vegetation and channel morphogenesis in gravel-bed streams of the Ozark Plateaus. These results have implications for general models of channel morphogenesis in gravel-bed streams
  • Channel metamorphosis, floodplain disturbance, and vegetation development: Ain River, France
  • Ain ; Biodiversity ; Flood ; Floodplain ; Fluvial dynamics ; Fluvial hydrology ; France ; Phytosociology ; Rhône-Alpes ; River bed ; Stream ; Vegetation ; Vegetation dynamics
  • This paper describes and explains channel metamorphosis of the Ain River in east-central France and the effects of this metamorphosis on floodplain disturbance and vegetation development: relationship between channel dynamics and hydrology
  • How does floodplain width affect floodplain river ecology? A preliminary exploration using simulations
  • Amazonas River ; America ; Biodiversity ; Brazil ; Discharge ; Ecosystem ; Fauna ; Floodplain ; Fluvial hydrology ; Fluvial processes ; Mississippi ; Model ; Papua New Guinea ; River bed ; Seasonal variability ; United States of America ; Vegetation
  • The AA. explore this question with a simple simulation model of the dynamics of a food web in a river with seasonally fluctuating discharge. Components of this river food web spread across a floodplain when it is inundated at high water
  • Spatial patterns of hydrology, geomorphology, and vegetation o the floodplain of the Amazon River in Brazil from a remote sensing perspective
  • Amazonas River ; Biodiversity ; Brazil ; Drainage ; Floodplain ; Geomorphology ; Humid environment ; Hydrology ; LANDSAT ; Remote sensing ; River bed ; Spatial variation ; Statistics ; Stream ; Thematic Mapper ; Vegetation
  • Using semivariance statistics, the AA. analyze the spatial relationship between the hydrogeomorphology and the pattern of vegetation cover of the Amazon River floodplain in Brazil during high water. Classified Landsat images for three reaches
  • of the river that represent the geomorphology of thhe channel-floodplain system were analysed to show the upstream to downstream variation in the spatial heterogeneity of the floodplain environments. In addition to hydrogeomorphic inluence, vegetation
  • River stabilisation due to changing climate and vegetation during the late Quaternary in western Tasmania, Australia
  • Australia ; C 14 dating ; Climatic variation ; Floodplain ; Fluvial dynamics ; Forest ; Geochronology ; Lateglacial ; Palaeo-environment ; Quaternary ; River bed ; Stratigraphy ; Stream ; Tasmania ; Vegetation dynamics
  • The Stanley River in western Tasmania, Australia, contains sub-fossil rainforest logs within the channel and floodplain. Of the more than 85 radiocarbon dates obtained, all but 3 date from 17 ka to the present and permit an interpretation of fluvial
  • and related environmental changes over this period. particular attention is focused on the interactive relationship between the river and its riparian rainforest.
  • Mapping the response of riparian vegetation to possible flow reductions in the Snake River, Idaho
  • Cartography ; Ecology ; Fluvial hydrology ; Geographical information system ; Idaho ; River bed ; Stream ; Stream flow ; United States of America ; Vegetation
  • measurements of riparian vegetation gradients and river cross-sections, digital elevation modeling, and a geographic information system.
  • Large woody debris, physical process, and riparian forest development in montane river networks of the Pacific Northwest
  • Carrying capacity ; Channel geometry ; Drainage network ; Ecosystem ; Floodplain ; Forest ; Longitudinal section ; Model ; Mountain ; Oregon ; River bed ; Stream ; United States of America ; Vegetation dynamics
  • through the stabilization of active floodplains and as sources of large woody debris. The focus of the examples are montane river networks of the Pacific Northwest, USA.
  • Biogeography ; Cattle ; Gully erosion ; Hydrology ; Infiltration ; Over-grazing ; Rill wash ; River bed ; Semi-arid area ; Soil erosion ; United States of America