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  • Bed configuration and microscale processes in alluvial channels
  • The research questions discussed in this article are central to the understanding of fluvial processes in both sand- and gravel-bedded rivers. Prominent research themes are identified. The first is the use of fractal concepts in the study of fluvial
  • processes. The second is the study of turbulent flow structures. Finally, this review clearly focused on bed microtopography and related flow turbulence and sediment transport processes.
  • sedimentology of anastomosed and wandering gravel-bed rivers. The scale problems of facies analysis may be overcome by employing architectural element analysis in conjunction with modern geophysical methods such as shallow reflection seismology and ground
  • Canadian river scientists made significant contributions to the early development (1960-80) of fluvial facies models, particularly to those for braided rivers. More recent Canadian studies (1980-92) have centred on understanding the facies
  • and preglacial landscapes while peripheral warm-based zones scoured and otherwise altered their beds. Some geomorphic effects are independent of ice cap scale, others vary with scale.