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  • Hydraulic and morphological characteristics of middle and upper reaches of the Paraná River (Argentina and Brazil)
  • Geomorphology on large rivers. Special issue
  • Argentina ; Brazil ; Carrying capacity ; Channel geometry ; Confluent ; Drainage network ; River bed ; Sediment transport ; Sedimentology ; South America ; Stream ; Suspended load ; Water regime
  • The objective of this paper is to analyze the major hydraulic, morphological and sedimentological features of the Paraná River upstream and downstream of the confluence with the Paraguay River in order to evaluate the influence of this major
  • Computational fluid dynamics and the physical modelling of an upland urban river
  • Geomorphology on large rivers. Special issue
  • This paper describes the application of a commercially available, three-dimensional computational fluid dynamic (CFD) model to simulate the flow structure in an upland river that is prone to flooding. Simulations use a rectangular channel geometry
  • , smooth sidewalls and a bed topography obtained from the field site that contains a subdued pool-riffle sequence. Results are presented from the numerical and flume models for the water surface and streamwise velocity pattern and for the secondary flows
  • Geomorphology on large rivers. Special issue
  • Alluvial plain ; Bank erosion ; Biodiversity ; Climatic variation ; Fluvial dynamics ; Human impact ; Human occupation ; Italy ; Land use ; Northern Italy ; Po ; Quaternary ; River bed ; Stream