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  • Developments in monitoring and modelling small-scale river bed topography
  • Fluvial dynamics ; Fluvial processes ; Mountain ; Numerical model ; Photogrammetry ; River bed ; Switzerland ; Topography ; Valais
  • This paper presents a detailed assessment of the distributed monitoring and terrain modelling of river bed topography using a technique that combines rigorous analytical photogrammetry with rapid ground survey. A detailed assessment is undertaken
  • of the quality of the morphological information acquired. This allow some general comments to be made concerning the use of more traditional methods to monitor and represent small-scale river channel morphology.
  • channel changes in response to sediment delivery, for a temperate upland gravel-bed river. Results show that 16 months of measured in-channel sedimentation in an upland gravel-bed river cause about half of the increase in inundation extent
  • This paper uses numerical simulation of flood inundation based on a coupled one-dimensional-two-dimensional treatment to explore the impacts upon flood extent of both long-term climate changes, predicted to the 2050s and 2080s, and short-term river
  • that was simulated to arise from climate change. The test site is based upon a 6 km upper reach of the River Wharfe, UK.
  • The application of computational fluid dynamics to natural river channels : three-dimensional versus two-dimensional approaches
  • within a gravel-bed river system with high relative roughness, are defined for each model.
  • This paper addresses the recent trend in fluvial geomorphology towards using computational fluid dynamics to explore the adjustment between flow processes, sediment transport and river channel morphology. It aims to evaluate the extent to which 3D
  • Three-dimensional measurement of river channel flow processes using acoustic doppler velocimetry
  • This paper describes and assesses : 1) the use of a new instrument for the determination of three-dimensional flow velocities in natural rivers, the acoustic Doppler velocimeter (ADV); and 2) a method for positioning and orienting such measurements
  • relative to a single local coordinate system to relate flow velocity factors with the bed and water surface. The ADV uses the Doppler shift priciple to measure the velocity of small particles , assumed to be moving at velocities similar to the fluid.
  • Carrying capacity ; Fluvial dynamics ; River bed ; Roughness ; Sediment transport ; Stream ; Topography ; United Kingdom