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  • Laboratory experiments on erosion and deposition of loess by laminar sheet flow and turbulent rill flow in Comptes rendus = Proceedings.
  • Laboratory experiments with a recirculating flume have demonstrated that rills can only be dug into an originally smooth surface when the Froude number of the laminar flow exceeds 1.4. From that critical limit on the net drag onto the sandy grains
  • rainfall always increases the transporting capacity of the laminar flow. Even small amounts of wash-load increase the viscosity by 30 percent. Due to the effect of cohesion the bed-load carried by the laminar sheet flow is always smaller than the amount
  • predicted by the equation of Yalin. On steep slopes exceeding 10 the pushing effect of the drag results in a downslope evolution of the created rills. (the A.).
  • place, it should not attain sufficient velocity to erode the soil. In spite of the theory, erosion by overland flow and rill wash occurs once and sometimes more frequently each year. Measurements of erosion since May 1973, using Gerlach troughs, indicate
  • The relative significance of splash, rainwash, and wash as processes of soil erosion
  • Experimentation de terrain. Les processus se classent dans l'ordre d'efficacité suivant : rainwash (splash combiné au ruissellement), splash puis ruissellement ( wash ). - (CM)
  • A preliminary assessment of Landsat TM imagery for mapping vegetation and sediment distribution in the Wash estuary
  • Cartographie automatique ; Domaine intertidal ; England ; Géographie physique ; Landsat TM ; Littoral ; Royaume-Uni ; Télédétection ; Wash estuaire
  • Megaripples, ridges and runnels on intertidal flats of the Wash, England
  • England ; Estran ; Géographie physique ; Géomorphométrie ; Littoral ; Mégaride transversale ; Photographie aérienne ; Ripple mark ; Royaume-Uni ; Wash ; Zone intertidale
  • A partir de photographies aériennes au 1/10000 et de vérifications sur le terrain à marée basse de vive eau on a observé les chenaux intertidaux et les bancs de sable externes dans le Wash. Deux structures principales ont été déterminées. Dans les
  • Measurement and calibration of weathering, using the Schmidt hammer, on wave washed moraines on the Upper Norrland Coast, Sweden
  • Deep-sea carbonates: dissolution and mass washing on Ontong-Java Plateau
  • The combined use of wash load and bed material load rating curves for the calculation of total load: an example from the Burdekin river, Australia
  • Sheet wash was studied at the Central Kopet-Dag slopes during 1966-1977. A complex oscillatory character of sheet wash has been observed, nevertheless the sediments budget appeared to be negative at all the slopes. Statistical treatment of data
  • confirmed a generally positive correlation between slope wash rate, topographic conditions and precipitations. (L'Ed.).
  • Measurement and calibration of weathering processes and lichenometric investigations on a wave washed moraine, Badamalen, on the upper Norrland coast, Sweden
  • The relationship between the size of particles in surface wash sediment and rainfall characteristics on a low angle slope in a semi-arid climate
  • Wash erosion on a debris covered slope in a semi-arid climate
  • Combining a modified universal soil loss equation with a digital terrain model for computing high resolution maps of soil loss resulting from rain wash
  • Gelifluxion and surface wash, their importance and interaction on a periglacial slope
  • Two modes of escarpment retreat, determined by prevailing climate, are characteristic of arid regions: (1) Under mildly arid to semiarid conditions, continuous talus aprons are formed, maintained and recede due to debris flow and wash. (2) Under
  • arid to extremely arid conditions, erosion, wash and gullying predominate| talus stripping is relatively fast. Sequences of flatiron like talus relicts found in hot deserts under various lithostructural conditions may reflect major climatic changes
  • Sediment transport by surface wash and throughflow at the Pasoh Forest Reserve, Negri Sembilan, Peninsular Malaysia
  • Equipment is presented which is suitable of the investigation of initial erosion (the splash of raindrops, the scattering of soil grains, incipient runoff and the first stage of sheet-wash of low energy). Laboratory results are compared to field
  • This paper raises a number of questions about the position of stream and valley heads. Two processes have been discussed as possible candidates for valley enlargement (wash, landslide).
  • déterminant est avant tout la cohésion du sol et le facteur pente influence le wash beaucoup plus que le splash. (C. Gaulin).