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  • Effect of bed topography on soil aggregates transport by rill flow
  • Grain size distribution ; Rill wash ; Roughness ; Sediment transport ; Soil erosion ; Topography ; Watershed
  • The aim of this work is to investigate the ability of the flow to transport soil aggregates along a real rill at discharges below the formative discharge; and to analyse the influence of the rill pools on this transport process. This subject
  • is an important issue as the transport capacity of rills is highly relevant for phenomena such as soil exportation from fields, catchment-scale sediment redistribution, and sedimentation in streams.
  • Effects of freshly incorporated straw residue on rill erosion and hydraulics
  • Agricultural practice ; Agropedology ; Belgium ; Erosion control ; Erosion rate ; Experimentation ; Rill wash ; Soil erosion ; Soil properties ; Vegetation ; Water erosion
  • The main aim of this study was to develop an approach to predict soil detachment by rill flow in the presence of freshly incorporated vegetation residue that is compatible with current understanding of rill hydraulics and requires no additional
  • information on rill geometry. Laboratory experiments were carried out. The data are presented and analyzed. An approach to calculate the erosivity of rill flow on surfaces with fresh vegetation residue is proposed. Finally, this new procedure is evaluated
  • Two-dimensional modelling of the within-field variation in rill and gully geometry and location related to topography
  • Agricultural practice ; Belgium ; Cultivated land ; Erosion rate ; Gully erosion ; Loess ; Model ; Rill wash ; Slope ; Slope gradient ; Soil erosion
  • This paper relates the within-field variation in rill erosion rate to topographic attributes and derives a predictive equation between rill erosion rate and topography in a two-dimensional context. The AA. also investigate whether it is possible
  • to delineate the areas prone to rill and ephemeral gully formation based on a topographic threshold condition, and investigate the extent to which the predictions can be improved by introducing the direction of cultivation into the model. To limit the effects
  • Belgium ; Experimentation ; Gully erosion ; Loam ; Mediterranean area ; Rill wash ; Slope ; Soil erosion ; Soil moisture ; Water erosion
  • Model ; Overland flow ; Rill wash ; Roughness ; Slope
  • Almería ; Experiment plot ; Grain size distribution ; Lithology ; Precipitation ; Rill wash ; Roughness ; Semi-arid area ; Slope ; Soil erosion ; Soil moisture ; Spain