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  • Rill network development and sediment budgets
  • Canada ; Channel geometry ; Drainage network ; Experimentation ; Gully erosion ; Rill wash ; Sediment budget ; Soil properties ; Water erosion
  • The primary objectives of this initial study were to prepare sediment budgets for rill networks developed on a natural soil under simulated rainfall in a laboratory flume (University of Toronto, Scarborough), and identify the effect of confluences
  • on rill hydraulics and sediment flux patterns. Results indicate the value of detailed sediment budgets in interpreting their water and sediment flux records, and the necessity of linking such measurements for erosion plots and hillslope segments to rill
  • network characterization. Experimental results are consistent with a simple model of rill system evolution.
  • Badland ; Clay mineral ; Drainage ; Drainage network ; Gully erosion ; Infiltration ; Italy ; Microrelief ; Rill wash ; Soil erosion ; Soil properties ; Toscana ; Water erosion
  • Biancane badlands consisting of small domes dissected by rills and micropipes, with rough disordered microrelief, can be found along the Apennines in Italy. This study was undertaken in a residual area of biancane in southeast Tuscany to identify
  • Canada ; Experimentation ; Grain size distribution ; Methodology ; Ontario ; Rill wash ; Roughness ; Sediment transport ; Slope ; Splash
  • Calabria ; Deforestation ; Experimentation ; Italy ; Mediterranean area ; Rill wash ; Sediment transport ; Soil erosion ; Watershed
  • Arid area ; Gully erosion ; Kenya ; Rill wash ; Sediment budget ; Semi-arid area ; Slope ; Soil conservation ; Soil erosion
  • tests were carried out in the Soil Erosion Laboratory, University of Toronto. Measurement of splash and wash erosion at different stages of seal formation, combined with analysis of sediment size and detailed examination of seal properties, including SEM