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  • Agricultural production ; Agriculture ; Cereal ; Farming system ; Food production ; Rice ; World
  • the production of rice in order to save the lives of million of people ; Rice with rice, which is related to rice and to the grawth of developing countries ; Beyond the rice, that means going beyond the cultivation of rice to achieve an ecologically sustainable
  • The main slogan for the Year of rice is Rice is life. The initiative involves all the rice civilisations, both in Italy and in the rest of the world. The article also deals with other slogans such as Save rice save life, that means to increase
  • Development of rice cultivation in beech forest belt, Japan.
  • Wet-rice cultivation in lowland Bangladesh
  • varieties only when the material cost of irrigation is reduced to a reasonable level. In the lower part of the area floating rice cultivation will remain. - (SGA)
  • The probability of the adoption of modern rice varieties (MVs) in Lowland Bangladesh. Case study in a backswamp located in the south eastern part of the country. In a large part of the lowland the MVs will be able to replace local mixed-sown tall
  • Rice re-cultivation in southern China : An option for enhanced climate change resilience in rice production
  • Adaptation ; Agricultural production ; Agroclimatology ; China ; Climatic change ; Drought ; Resilience ; Rice ; Southern China ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial distribution ; Water resources
  • the changing seasonal drought in the process of rice production under the changing climate in the future, and identifies general rice re-cultivation options for climate change adaptation. It is indicated that due to climate change, seasonal drought in major
  • adaptation actions for rice-re-cultivation, the rice cultivation pattern undergoes a significant alteration between 1981–2000 and 2001–2030.
  • Focusing on the spatial distribution of seasonal drought with rice and the practices to adapt to it, and based on an analysis of balanced water supply for and demand by rice at a growing season scale during 1981–2030, this paper assesses
  • rice producing areas tends to alleviate in general, late season rice in particular. Future climate change brings about a significant impact on the spatial/temporal distribution of water resources in rice producing areas in China. Based on pre-designed
  • Rice agricultural origins : recent advances
  • Agriculture ; Archéologie ; Céréale ; Géographie historique ; Géographie humaine ; Plante cultivée ; Riz
  • This article briefly summarises the botanical results and data from archaeological excavations in China, India, and Thailand. There is no recent information on the origins of glutinous rice but botanical evidence points to a West African origin.
  • Technical change and labour utilisation in rice cultivation: Bangladesh
  • Land reform, technology and small scale farming : the ecology and economy of Gilaki-Rashti rice cultivation, Northern Iran.
  • Effect of fire on soil, rice, weeds and forest regrowth in a rain forest zone (Côte d'Ivoire)
  • Agricultural practice ; Agropedology ; Fire ; Forest ; Geochemistry ; Ivory Coast ; Rice ; Soil ; Soil properties
  • Forest, soil, rice, weeds and regrowth were studied in the fields off local farmers in permanent plots during 2-5 years. The fields covered all currently cultivated soil types and forest types. This study is concerned with the full shifting
  • cultivation cycle: land preparation, cropping and fallowing.
  • Evaluation of the physical land characteristics for padi rice cultivation in Riam Kanan (South-Kalimantan, Indonesia)
  • The suitability for padi rice cultivation was studied for a coastal area in Indonesia. For each mapping unit considered, the following physical land characteristics are evaluated: topography, drainage, flooding texture, depth of a sulphuric horizon
  • The origins of rice agriculture in Korea. A symposium
  • Corée du Sud ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Plante cultivée ; Préhistoire ; Riz
  • Cereal ; Food ; Market ; Rice ; Rice cultivation ; Third World ; World
  • Feeding 4 billion people. The challenge for rice research in the 21st Century
  • Agricultural product ; Agricultural productivity ; Agricultural revolution ; Asia ; Biodiversity ; Cereal ; Ecosystem ; Food ; Food security ; Irrigated farming ; Research ; Rice ; Rice cultivation
  • Slash-and-burn rice systems in transition: challenges for agricultural development in hte hills of northern Laos
  • Agricultural technique ; Agriculture ; Crop ; Crop yield ; Farming system ; Hill ; Laos ; Rice cultivation ; Slash and burn agriculture
  • Rice production in the Laotian hills have undergone reduction in length of fallow. Although shorter fallow periods resulted in excessive labor needs for weeding, they have had few visible effects on soil fertility and crop yields. - (DWG)
  • An agroclimatic procedure for rice cultivation on the coastal areas of Guyana
  • The reliability of rainfall in relation to wet rice cultivation in northwest peninsular Malaysia
  • Contract cultivation of rice in Ohgata-machi, Niigata Prefecture.
  • Regional changes of rice cultivation in the Hokuriku district.
  • Distribution of nitrifiers and nitrification associated with different sizes of aggregates along a 2000 year chronosequence of rice cultivation
  • Aggregate ; Agropedology ; Biogeochemistry ; China ; Chronosequence ; Geochemistry ; Nitrifier ; Rice cultivation ; Soil properties ; Zhejiang
  • and 2000 year duration of rice cultivation (P300 and P2000). Long-term rice cultivation improved large macroaggregate formation from silt + clay fractions. The highest net nitrification occurred for macroaggregates and the least for large macroaggregates
  • , which coincided with nitrifier populations. A long duration of intensive rice cultivation history depressed nitrifier populations and nitrification rates at both whole soil scale and aggregate scale.
  • Cultivation and human impact at 6000 cal yr B.P. in tropical lowland forest at Niah, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo
  • Deforestation ; Holocene ; Malaysia ; Palaeo-environment ; Palynology ; Quaternary ; Rice cultivation ; Sarawak ; Tropical rain forest
  • The AA. describe palynological and sedimentary evidence for comparatively early Holocene human impact in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, most probably linked to rice cultivation. This is the first evidence for mid-Holocene human impact in Borneo.
  • Cereal ; Cultivated plants ; Export ; Food production ; Importation ; International trade ; Price fixing ; Production system ; Rice ; Rice cultivation ; World market
  • Commerce international ; Céréale ; Exportation ; Formation des prix ; Importation ; Marché mondial ; Plante cultivée ; Production alimentaire ; Riz ; Riziculture ; Système de production