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  • Retail planning in the Netherlands in Retail planning in the European Community.
  • affecting the distributive trades and a third section deals with some recent research contributions that have been made. Finally some conclusions are offered regarding future expectations in both retailing and retail planning research. (AGD).
  • In this discussion of retail planning in the Netherlands the author starts with the development of the legislative framework since the economic depression of the 1930s. A second section provides a review of some recent problems and planning policies
  • 1979
  • International trade in rice
  • 1979
  • The trade-off between density and other objectives: a reexamination of planning norms in New trends in urban planning. Studies in housing, urban design and planning.
  • 1979
  • Stability in a spatial production and trade system
  • 1979
  • Trade in place of migration. An employment-oriented study with special reference of Germany, Spain and Turkey.
  • 1979