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  • Retail planning in the Netherlands in Retail planning in the European Community.
  • affecting the distributive trades and a third section deals with some recent research contributions that have been made. Finally some conclusions are offered regarding future expectations in both retailing and retail planning research. (AGD).
  • In this discussion of retail planning in the Netherlands the author starts with the development of the legislative framework since the economic depression of the 1930s. A second section provides a review of some recent problems and planning policies
  • Trade area mix and intensity concepts for evaluating retail site alternatives
  • Commerce de détail ; Concept ; Décision ; Géographie humaine ; Implantation ; Localisation ; Restaurant ; Stratégie ; Trade area intensity ; Trade area mix ; Volume des ventes
  • Reconstructing a retail trade area : Tucker's General store, 1850-1860
  • Parameters of the retail trade model: a utility based interpretation
  • The changing structure of distribution in retail companies : an example from the grocery trade
  • Spatial structure of retail trade in Warsaw in Population and settlement structure. Analytical and policy approaches.
  • Einzelhandel und Einkaufszentren im deutschsprachigen Raum. Eine annotierte Auswahlbibliographie. (Retail trade and shopping centers in the german-speaking area. An annotated selected bibliography)
  • International trade in rice
  • Long-term geographical changes in international agricultural trade
  • The article includes the following parts: notes on the historical conditions in the expansion of agricultural trade, structures of international agricultural trade (world trade in cereals, in vegetable oil, in cotton, in coffee, tea, cocoa
  • The tropical rain forest : patterns of exploitation and trade
  • Changing patterns in the world aluminum trade: recent development in the Southwest Pacific
  • Stability of trade patterns in regional input-output tables
  • Gravity demand functions, accessibility and regional trade
  • Terms of trade for developing Countries. A commodity and regional analysis
  • Trade and trade policy on the world markets in coffee, cocoa and tea
  • A foldellatottsag hatasa a mezogazdasagi vilagkereskedelemre (The impact of supply of land on the world trade of agricultural products)
  • The paper intends to reveal the quantitative relationship between the availability of land including the relationship with grain trade, relying on the most complete regional data series available. The analyses are used to forecast perspective
  • Structural shifts in the world grain economy : 1962-1982. Production, trade, consumption
  • contribution yield or area increases have to grain production in the world's regions. Finally, perspectives of the future international grain trade will be evaluated.
  • Portuguese copper and the sea trade in the Western Mediterranean from 1895 to 1909
  • Reconnaissance study of socio-economic base of street trading in Samaru
  • A review of international food trade