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  • Szocialgeografiai szempontu elemzések a kiskereskedelmi ellatas vizsgalataban Social geographical analyses in the study of retail trade supply
  • In the paper the conditions of retail trade are analysed for a microcentre in North-Hungary. The paper is part of the project launched by the researchers of the Hungarian Geographical Research Institute to study this group of settlements
  • Struktura w asnosciowo-wielkosciowa rolnictwa a praca handlu detalicznego artyku ami zciowymi na wsi. (Ownership and size structure of agriculture and retail trade of foodstuffs in Poland)
  • Overall economic indices. Retail trade
  • The development of wholesale and retail trade, catering and tourism, markets, private retail trade are described. The attraction zone of Nyiregyhaza is examined. (DLO).
  • Form and function in an unplanned retail park : evidence from the Abbey Trading Centre
  • Le centre commercial Abbey Trading Centre dans la banlieue nord de Belfast et sa fréquentation (enquête par interview menée en fév. 1988). Comparaison avec le Swansea Enterprise zone.
  • Locational specialization of retail trade functions in Warszawa
  • The data distribution of retail trade establishments are analysed and the centres with their influence sphere are ascertained. The aim has been laid in showing the task of retail trade in forming the nodal regional structure on the East-Slovakian
  • Commercial function has always been a leading role in this county. Alternative ways are presented for the classification of retail trade centres and for the delimination of commercial zones of attraction. Six hierarchical levels are set up
  • An information on methodic aspects in creating automatic computer procedure for optimizing the retail-trade network in 278 most significant Czechoslovakian towns. Suggestions for regional planning practice.
  • Many of Britain's towns and cities are confronted by the problems which arise from a retail structure inherited from the nineteenth century. The growth of planned regional shopping centres and the advent of superstores and hypermarkets have tended
  • shopping centre, on pre-existing patterns of trade.
  • Among the subsidiary (or complementary) activities, retail trade is the most important. Figures for catering and services are dynamically rising. Regional differences are frequently concealed in the comprehensive data for subsidiary activities.
  • An area of outmigration is studied on the basis of paramaters of distribution and standard of dwellings, the level of basic supply (retail trade, catering, cultural and health services), industrial supply and organization-administration problems
  • of common model parameters for 1971 and 1980. The gravity model thus developed is considered a very useful for the delimitation of spheres of influence and for strategic planning in retail trade.
  • External trade 1975
  • Verslunarskyérslur Arid 1977. (External trade 1977)
  • Trends in Soviet trade since 1960
  • Verslunarskyrslur arid 1978 = External trade 1978
  • Verslunarskyrslur arid 1979= External trade 1979
  • European Community: its trade policies
  • Unified US approach to EC trade policies| EC agricultural surpluses| EC expansion: what it implies for US fresh fruits and vegetables| West Germany: corn production and processing| exchange rates and the EC Farm Trade| US loftwood exports to Spain