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  • The suburbanization of retail trade: a U.S. nationwide view
  • Utility of linear models in retail geography
  • Several variables are tested as predictive elements of the retail trade function in rural central places and central places in a metropolitan dominance field. Within a group of western Illinois central places multiple regression models employing
  • population and traffic counts as predictors of retail sales prove to be highly effective. Although an additional variable, distance from metropolis, is included in the multivariate model when applied to a group of cities surrounding Springfield, Illinois
  • US nationwide trends in metropolitan retail trade : a perspective of the mid 1980 s
  • Geographical variation within the tourist trade of the Caribbean
  • A multicommodity analysis of trade policy effects: the case of Nicaraguan agriculture
  • Some trade-offs: culture, education, and economic progress on Federal Indian Reservations
  • A Canadian dilemma : free trade with the United States in Monitoring Canada's French connection.
  • The highland city of Ambato, which has one of three major periodic markets in the Ecuadorian Sierra, attracts many wholesale traders. Discussion focuses on the kinds of traders, goods sold or exchanged, physical structure and layout, and rationale
  • The Nineteenth-Century fisheries of the Hudson's Bay Company trading posts on Lake Superior: a biogeographical study
  • Climatic hazards and Canadian wheat trade in Interpretations of calamity.
  • Changing patterns of trade through the port of Thunder Bay
  • Economic interdependence and the structure of interregional trade in Central America
  • The relationship of US aid, trade and investment to migration pressures in major sending countries
  • Foreign ownership and trade of United States high-technology manufacturing
  • Trade center evolution in the Great Plains
  • Foreign-trade zones : does Canada need them?
  • Five fishing cooperatives have been the key to a successfull trade of spiny lobster from this Caribbean country to the U.S.A. - (DWG)
  • The purpose of this study is to ascertain the nutritional utility, if any, of a clay tablet that is eaten by pregnant Black Caribes, also known as Garifuna, in Belize. The tablet originates as a commercial trade item from neighboring Guatemala
  • From rag trade to real estate in New York's Garment Center : remaking the labor landscape in a global city
  • The US trade and budget deficits in global perspective : an essay in geopolitical-economy