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  • Lebanese traders in Southwestern Nigeria, 1900-1960
  • A study of the impact of Lebanese traders in the economy and politics of southwestern Nigeria, and a comparison with that made by long distance Hausa traders. - (EMS)
  • The Lebanese traders of Sierra Leone
  • After 80years in Sierra Leone during which they have prospered as traders, it seems that their future is uncertain and they are no longer needed. (EMS).
  • Co-operation in forest products trade in the West African sub-region
  • If West African states would co-operate there are considerable possibilities for intra-regional trade. The infra-structure would have to be improved, and economic development could then be more rapid. (EMS).
  • Inland ports and European trading firms in Southeastern Nigeria
  • Trade between Egypt and Bilad as-Sudan, 1700-1820.
  • The Volta river salt trade: the survival of an indigenous industry
  • The external trade of the Arab Republic of Egypt 1960-1980
  • Gender differentiation among market-traders in central Mali
  • The struggles for survival of street traders in Umtata, Transkei, 1980-89 in A new South Africa - A new South African geography?.
  • The Council vs the Common people : the case of street trading in Johannesburg in Southern Africa : the development crisis.
  • Worker militancy in South Africa: a sociospatial analysis of trade union activism in the manufacturing sector
  • Women farmers and traders in Oyo state, Nigeria, a case study of their changing role in Geography of gender in the Third World.
  • A survey of Nigerian-Soviet relationships includes useful information on the progress of the iron and steel complex at Ajaokuta and modern trade between the two countries. - (EMS)
  • The account of development in agriculture, petroleum, industrialization, infrastructure and external trade between 1970 and 1980 is useful to the geographer, as is the account of the 3rd Development Plan and the guidelines for the 4th. (EMS).
  • Dependency theorists would state that craft industries would have disappeared during the colonial period. A study in Ilorin of bead makers bears this out, but weavers and potters have been able to expand their trades. - (EMS)
  • Perspectives on trade, mobility and gender in a rural market system : Borno, North-East Nigeria
  • A study of the Slave and Palm produce trade amongst the Ngwa-Igbo of Southeastern Nigeria
  • Careful planning is necessary when, as in Ibadan, an old state capital expands rapidly physically and in its functions. Road expansion and improvement need also regulation of taxi, and mini-bus trade and traffic rule enforcement
  • is most evident in the architectural heritage bequeathed to independent Africa. However, groups such as soldier, administrators, traders, hunters, gatherers, planters, miners and settlers all contribued to the transformation of the landscape. (AJC).