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  • Struktura i prawid owosci rozwoju systemu punktow sprzedazy detalicznej w swietle regu y Zipfa Rank-Size. (Structure and development regularities of retail trading stations in the light of the rank-size Zipf's rule)
  • A dispersed equilibrium commodity trade model
  • rigidities in trading relationships resulting from non-price factors.
  • Trade and transport. Essays in economic history in honour of T. S. Willan
  • A trade-localization operator: the conservative case
  • Trade and location of producer services : a Canadian perspective in Special issue on Producer services.
  • Integration of the surrogate worth trade-off method and the analytic hierarchy process in The analytic hierarchy process.
  • A flexible and consistent system for modelling interregional trade flows
  • Outline of a trade cycle model in continuous space and time
  • Partial equilibrium theory of interregional trade and the gravity model in Twenty-Eighth European Congress Stockholm, 1988.
  • A simple trade-off model for maximal and multiple coverage
  • Technical change, location, and trade in Thirty-third North American meetings. Columbus, 1986.
  • The structure of specialization and trade in the space economy
  • Trade policies and the spatial distribution of development: A Two-sector analysis
  • Trade-off and compromise in secondary school reorganisation schemes : a goal programming approach in Twenty-Sixth European Congress. Krakow, 1986.
  • A location-allocation model for regional health care services planning is presented which can be used to analyze the problems of the equity-revenue trade-off relation in the spatial provision of health car services in a free-entry and free
  • The paper presents an interperiod network storage location-allocation (INSLA) model to solve the production planning problem. It is extended to a multiobjective problem in which trade-offs between delivery time and transportation costs are analyzed.
  • Maps have traditionally been a tool of geography but since the end of the 19th century geographical studies and cartography have developed along divergent paths. Over-reliance of geographers on cartographers to produce maps results
  • After a general introduction about the world-trade in a number of products, the exemple of rice in western Europa is presented under the shape of a set of questions and answers fitted to the used as a test in the teaching of data analysis.
  • Trad. de Materialy VI s ezda Geograficeskogo obscestva SSSR, Leningrad, 1975, pp.119-134. L'enseignement de la géographie se développe en URSS à quatre niveaux: dans les écoles secondaires, dans les écoles de science économique, dans les collèges