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  • Microeconomic formulation and estimation of a residential location choice model : implications for the value of time
  • Behaviour ; Household behaviour ; Optimization ; Residential choice ; Residential location ; Residential mobility ; Utility fonction
  • Residential location and the provision of human services: some directions for geographic research
  • Residential location and environmental amenities: a review of the evidence
  • Endogenous determination of historical amenities and the residential location choice
  • Housing market ; Land rent ; Model ; Residential choice ; Residential location ; Town ; Utility fonction
  • Determinants of residential location choice : how important are local public goods in attracting homeowners to central city location
  • Collective goods ; Inner city ; Location ; Logit model ; Ohio ; Public service ; Residential choice ; Residential location ; Suburbanization ; United States of America
  • Decision ; Enquiry ; Labour ; Residential choice ; Residential location ; Teleworking ; United States of America
  • The key question is whether the growing ability to telecommute is altering residential location decisions and leading households to live in a smaller, lower-density and more remote locations.
  • New telecommunications and residential location flexibility
  • Accessibility ; Communication ; Flexibility ; Location ; Residential choice ; Residential location ; Spatial interaction ; Telecommunications ; Town ; Trip ; Urban development
  • Residential locations of working women in the Tokyo metropolitan area : a case study of office workers in the central business district
  • Residential choices and housing problems of working women in Tokyo
  • Business district ; Honshu ; Japan ; Location ; Metropolitan area ; Offices ; Residential location ; Tokyo ; Woman ; Working population
  • The combined equilibrium of travel networks and residentiel location markets
  • The combined user equilibrium of travel networks and residential location markets is shown to exist and to be unique in the expected allocation of household to residential locations and to the routes and links of the network, in the vacancies
  • and suits of residential locations and in the congested travel time and cost of each network link. The stability of the unique equilibrium position is briefly discussed, a computational algorithm is proposed and hints for generalized formulations
  • Residential mobility of high-rise building dwellers in Hiroshima city, Japan
  • This paper aims to analyze the spatial patterns of such residential mobility (direction and distance) and to clarify the reason to migrate from the previous residence and to select the present location. - (KA)
  • Residential segregation and Johannesburg's locations in the sky
  • A model of residential location choice and commuting by men and women workers
  • Paradise lost and regained: transportation innovation, Income, and residential location
  • The Residential location decision process: some theoretical and empirical considerations
  • Choice of residential location in an urban environment
  • Urban housing markets and residential location.
  • Calibrating urban residential location models 4: effects of log-collinearity on model calibration and formulation
  • An examination of residential location behavior in the Seoul metropolitan area
  • The effects of political terrorism on the residential location of the poor in the Kingston urban region, Jamaica, West Indies
  • Calibrating residential location models. 3: Empirical results for non-US cities
  • Desaggregated Residential Allocation Model (DRAM) ; Estimation ; Géographie humaine ; Interaction spatiale ; Localisation ; Logement ; Modèle ; Paramètre ; Statistique ; Ville