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  • Asie ; Dissolution karstique ; Distribution spatiale ; Eau souterraine ; Effondrement ; Faille ; Géophysique ; Infiltration ; Israël ; Jordanie ; Karst ; Littoral ; Mer Morte ; Risque naturel ; Salinité ; Sismique
  • Asia ; Carbonate dissolution ; Coastal environment ; Collapse structures ; Dead Sea ; Fault ; Geophysics ; Infiltration ; Israel ; Jordan ; Karst ; Natural hazards ; Salinity ; Seismic method ; Spatial distribution ; Underground water
  • 2010
  • This paper focuses on identifying visual erosion features (i.e. exposed roots, earth pillars, soil drift and etching, linear channels) which are part of internally defined spatial landscape units (erosion proxies), whose internal characteristics
  • influence the occurrence of soil erosion, and whose spatial content enables their analysis by remote sensing and GIS. The detected erosion features are useful for measuring and predicting soil erosion processes (sheet, mass and linear), with the least
  • 2010
  • This work aims to examine the influence of the variability of the initial apertures on dissolutional growth of fissures and the evolving cave systems. To this end, the initial apertures were spatially uncorrelated and lognormally distributed
  • 2010