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  • Cantabria ; Distribution spatiale ; Espagne ; Glissement de terrain ; Géochronologie ; Géomorphométrie ; Lithologie ; Montagne ; Quaternaire ; Typologie ; Vallée ; Variation climatique
  • Cantabria ; Climatic variation ; Geochronology ; Geomorphometry ; Landslide ; Lithology ; Mountain ; Quaternary ; Spain ; Spatial distribution ; Typology ; Valley
  • The aims of this paper are : to establish the features and the spatial distribution of landslides in the coastal Asturian valley of the Meredal River; to build a chronological model of the temporal sequences of landslides; to set up the causes
  • 1999
  • The temporal occurence of landslides in an area of the Cantabrian Range during the last 120,000 years is analyzed. An initial relative chronology was established on the basis of aging degree and spatial relationships between landslides and glacial
  • for the region; the type and spatial distribution of landslides in each class were also analysed.
  • 1999
  • This paper aims at illustrating an innovative method for mapping gravitational deposits by considering, in particular, their spatial and temporal relationships and by grouping them into homogeneous units called landslide units. This investigation
  • 1999
  • of this model has permitted an analysis of the spatial distribution of the structure (DTM and landslide bottom) and the mass transfer elements of the hydrogeological system. The field survey suggested zoning the area on the basis of the recharge, groundwater
  • 1999