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  • Spatial interaction in the Amersfoort region: a system analysis
  • Amersfoort, région ; Analyse de système ; Analyse spatiale ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Interaction spatiale ; Pays-Bas ; Région ; Utrecht ; Ville
  • A six stage approach to the analysis of spatial interaction in urban and regional systems is outlined in general terms and its application is illustrated by a system analysis of three types of spatial interaction in the Amersfoort region
  • Electricity consumption| a shift-share analysis of industrial and regional Growth
  • Branche industrielle ; Consommation ; Consommation d'électricité ; Croissance économique ; Economie régionale ; Electricité ; Géographie de l'Océanie ; Industrie ; Industrie régionale ; Méthodologie ; Nouvelle-Zélande ; Shift-share analysis
  • Consommation d'électricité et industries dans l'économie régionale. Application de la Shift-Share analysis.
  • A palya-analizis alkalmazasa a területi kutatasokban. (Application of path analysis in regional research)
  • Analyse multivariée ; Cluster analysis ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Hongrie ; Mathématique ; Méthodologie ; Recherche régionale ; Type de peuplement
  • The brief description of the method is followed by a possible application (for the establishment of types of settlements in Hungary). The subjectivity of factor-analyses can be reduced by path analysis.
  • Regional disparities in educational development in India : an inter-state analysis
  • Some application of supercomputers in urban and regional analysis and modelling
  • Terms of trade for developing Countries. A commodity and regional analysis
  • A network model of economic growth. A regional analysis
  • Regional planning in the United States and the United Kingdom: a comparative analysis
  • A regional analysis of illegal aliens
  • Barpeta-Kamrup region : an analysis of drainage density and landform
  • Levels of agricultural productivity in the Brahmaputra Valley : a regional analysis
  • La nueva geografía regional o la construcción social de la región
  • La nouvelle géographie régionale ou la construction sociale de la région
  • Methodology ; Region ; Regional analysis ; Regional geography ; Regional model ; Regional system ; Regionalization ; Socio-economic system ; System analysis ; Theory
  • Analyse régionale ; Analyse systémique ; Géographie régionale ; Modèle régional ; Méthodologie ; Région ; Régionalisation ; Structure socio-économique ; Système régional ; Théorie
  • Analysis of theoretical, methodological and empirical research in the Journal of Regional Science
  • Regional science ; Research ; Research technique ; Spatial economy
  • This paper examines the impacts of JRS articles in the areas of theory, methods and empirical analysis, as represented by subsequent citations reported in the Social Sciences Citation Index.
  • Meta-analysis of environmental issues in regional, urban and transport economics
  • Meta-analysis is concerned with the formal analysis of results and findings of scientific studies. The kinds of policy or scientific study which are suitable for a meta-analysis are considered. Application of traditional statistical meta-analysis
  • to case studies in the field of environmental economics is potentially more intricate than in many other areas of economics. Meta-analysis is a potentially useful way of supplementing knowledge in a relatively speedy and cost-effective way.
  • Climatic classification of the Tibet autonomous region using multivariate statistical methods
  • Asia ; Classification ; Climatology ; Cluster analysis ; Discriminant analysis ; Factor analysis ; Methodology ; Monsoon ; Multivariate analysis ; Orographic effect ; Precipitation ; Tibet ; Zonation
  • A climatic regionalization of the Tibet (Xizang) Autonomous Region (TAR) is developed based on a multivariate analysis of temperature and precipitation records of two data sets from the periods 1971-1980 and 1980-1989. Cluster analysis, factor
  • analysis and discriminant analysis were followed up. The results of the multivariate statistical analysis were compared with traditional classification schemes published by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). For temperature zonation and, in particular
  • Application of path analysis in regional studies in Geographical essays in Hungary.
  • Chemin de graphes ; Etude régionale ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Mathématique ; Méthodologie ; Path analysis ; Régionalisation
  • The application of path analysis in regional studies facilitates a detailed exploration of the internal structure of correlation coefficients which should not be missed if an exact definition of fundamental processes determining settlement
  • Analyza umrtnosti na zhoubné novotvary v regionalnim pohledu. (Analysis of mortality due to malignant tumours in the regional view)
  • Analyse spatiale ; Cancer ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Géographie médicale ; Mortalité ; Population ; Région ; Santé ; Tchécoslovaquie
  • Cancer of particular human organs shows a different frequency in occurrence in various regions. The regional analysis shows the mortality in dependence on the cause of death in the Czech Socialist Republic according males and females. (MS).
  • Principal component analysis of distributive characteristics of precipitation in Northeast China.
  • (1961-1978) ; Analyse en composantes principales ; Chine ; Chine, nord-est ; Cluster analysis ; Distribution ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Précipitation ; Régionalisation climatique
  • characteristics in them are attempted. A climatic regionalization based on distributive patterns of precipitation is made with the results of cluster analysis. (TNC).
  • Based on the results of principal component analysis applied to data of 35 stations for 1961-1978, a dynamic investigation into the factors and processes accounting for the main patterns of precipitation deviation and the changing time
  • Industrial structure and regional change: a shift-share analysis of the British Columbia economy 1961-1970
  • (1961-1970) ; Analyse statistique ; British Columbia ; Canada ; Economie régionale ; Evolution de l'emploi industriel ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Shift-share analysis ; Structure industrielle
  • A shift-share analysis of regional labor productivity in manufacturing
  • (1967-1977) ; Disparités régionales ; Emploi ; Emploi industriel ; Etats-Unis ; Ghum ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Industrie ; Main-d'oeuvre ; Productivité ; Shift-share analysis