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  • The effects of central redevelopment schemes on inner-city manufacturing industry, with special reference to Glasgow
  • Par rapport à des publications officielles, l'A. conteste que le redéveloppement urbain n'ait pas nui à l'industrie urbaine de Glasgow.
  • The Kingston Waterfront: evaluation of a redevelopment scheme
  • A description of the progress of a major urban redevelopment scheme, in the former Kingston port area, which began in 1969. (MPM).
  • Open space and housing stock quality as urban redevelopment resources
  • Développement urbain ; Espace ouvert ; Logement ; Planification urbaine ; Qualité du produit ; Redéveloppement
  • A successful urban redevelopment needs the attention of small-scale conditions of housing stocks and open spaces and the consideration of demand of the inhabitants. It is the aim of a research project at the IÖR to provide some fundamental knowledge
  • needed for the planning of ecologically-oriented and appropriately-dimensioned redevelopment processes in cities and urban areas. Group-spacific needs concerning housing and open space use were ascertained through polling the populations according to age
  • The spatio-temporal pattern of housing redevelopment in suburban Chicago, 2000–2010
  • Autocorrélation spatiale ; Banlieue ; Cartographie thématique ; Chicago ; Etats-Unis ; Illinois ; Logement ; Marché immobilier ; Quartier ; Redéveloppement résidentiel ; Regroupement spatial ; Valeur foncière
  • This study examines the process of housing redevelopment that occurred in all inner-ring suburbs of Chicago, USA, located in Cook County, between 2000 and 2010 and 2010 and how the physical manifestation of redevelopment varied across different
  • types of suburban neighbourhoods. Findings reveal that redevelopmentis spatially clustered, occurring in a variety of places ranging from modest middle-income neighbourhoods to very highly affluent neighbourhoods. Redevelopment often began in areas
  • Refurbishment, redevelopment or relocation ? The changing form and location of football stadiums in the Netherlands
  • Facilities ; Location ; Netherlands (The) ; Redevelopment ; Sporting facilities ; Sports
  • Visualising the effect of private-sector involvement on redeveloped public spaces in the Netherlands
  • Netherlands (The) ; Private sector ; Public space ; Redevelopment ; Urban area
  • The paper visualises to what extent private-sector involvement affects redeveloped public spaces. Six-dimensional diagrams are set up as an analytical tool that enables the comparison of public spaces on a number of criteria. Eight squares
  • Government intervention ; Hong Kong ; Housing ; Locality ; Redevelopment ; Residential mobility ; Urban area ; Urban renewal
  • The paper argues that urban renewal partially mitigates negative residential displacement outcomes. Theoretical underpinnings, rationale, and research methodology used to study the cause and effect of urban redevelopment are presented. Evidence from
  • empirical characterization and correlation analysis by district supports production and class variables as determinants of redevelopment. Local influences of cause and outcomes of redevelopment are rapid economic growth, mass public housing provisions
  • Redeveloping public housing in Hong-Kong
  • A revenue-sharing model of residential redevelopment projects : the case of the Hapdong redevelopment scheme in Seoul, Korea
  • Behaviour ; Housing ; Housing market ; Land market ; Redevelopment ; Residential choice ; Seoul ; South Korea ; Town ; Urban renewal
  • Economic impact ; Historic centre ; Innovation ; Motivation ; Redevelopment ; Tourism ; Urban development ; Urban geography ; Urban regeneration
  • By analyzing the reasons why tourism becomes a motivation to historic city redevelopment and the relations between them, the article argues that historic city redevelopment motivated by tourism should be according to circumstances and developed
  • The capital see-saw: understanding the rationale for the Victoria and Alfred redevelopment
  • An examination of the historical and material processes which precipitated the evolution, decline and eventual redevelopment of Cape Town's Victoria and Alfred Dockland. - (AJC)
  • Urban residential redevelopment in the People's Republic of China
  • China ; Housing ; Housing policy ; Land ; Project ; Real estate development ; Redevelopment ; Urban development
  • Conceptualizing small towns as urban places : the process of downtown redevelopment in Galena, Illinois
  • Attendance ; Cultural patrimony ; Historic centre ; Illinois ; Redevelopment ; Site preservation ; Small town ; Tourism ; Town ; United States of America ; Urban district ; Urban function
  • Urban redevelopment and spatial change of the central shopping area in Sakai city from the viewpoints of vertical growth
  • Honshu ; Inner city ; Japan ; Redevelopment ; Retail trade ; Urban area ; Urban change ; Urban development ; Urban function
  • Poverty as a constraint to citizen participation in urban redevelopment in developing countries : a case study
  • effectiveness unrealisable. The people are found to be willing and able to contribute more in kind than in cash to urban redevelopment efforts.
  • Selective urban redevelopment: a political economic perspective
  • développement urbain dans ce cadre. L'A. propose une nouvelle alternative dans le redéveloppement urbain basée sur la participation des collectivités locales.
  • Redevelopment of a medium-sized central shopping area: a case study of Clydebank
  • to underline the difficulties of traditional centres. This study examines the changing character of the central shopping area of a medium sized town undergoing redevelopment| and assesses the spatial, functional, and financial impact of a new in-town regional
  • Xenia rebuilds: effects of predisaster conditioning on postdisaster redevelopment
  • Trois années après le passage d'une tornade en avril 1974 sur la ville de Xenia (Ohio), bilan du plan de reconstruction et de redéveloppement de la ville. Le poids des traditions et des intérêts économiques tend à perpétuer des modèles urbains
  • Seeking closure : conflict resolution, land restitution, and the inner city redevelopments in District Six, Cape Town
  • Cape Province ; Cape Town ; Conflict ; Inner city ; Land ; Redevelopment ; Segregation ; Societal relations ; South Africa ; Urban district ; Urban planning