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  • Distribution and nature of Red Mediterranean soils in lebanon along an altitudinal sequence
  • Special Issue. Red Mediterranean soils
  • Altitude ; Clay mineral ; Lebanon ; Mediterranean area ; Micromorphology ; Red soil ; Soil ; Soil classification ; Soil moisture ; Soil properties ; Taxonomy
  • In Lebanon, the Red soils have been described as Terra-Rossa, Red Mediterranean, Red Fersiallitic, Red Partly Brunified, and Xeralfs. The objectives of this study are: to study the distribution of these soils at various altitudes, and their chemical
  • The Neogene red clays of the Carpathian basin in Problems of the Neogene and Quaternary in the Carpathian Basin.
  • Opinions differ as to whether the true red clays mostly deposited on Upper Pannonian lacustrine sediments are dated as Pliocene or early Quaternary. Biostratigraphic and lithostratigraphic data show that these non-rewashed residual deposits of red
  • Magnetostratigraphy, biostratigraphy and geochronology of Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary sediments, Red Deer Valley
  • Alberta ; Biostratigraphie ; Canada ; Datation K-Ar ; Ere secondaire ; Ere tertiaire ; Géochronologie ; Géographie physique ; Limite stratigraphique ; Magnétostratigraphie ; Paléogéographie ; Red Deer Valley ; Stratigraphie
  • The red soils, their origin, properties, use and management in Greece
  • Special Issue. Red Mediterranean soils
  • Agricultural land use ; Clay mineral ; Concept ; Greece ; Irrigation ; Land use ; Mediterranean climate ; Pedogenesis ; Red soil ; Soil ; Soil properties
  • The objectives of this paper are to discuss concepts regarding the geographic distribution and the origin of the Greek red soils, to present basic data on their properties and to discuss their use and management.
  • Zuckerrübenanbau im Red-River-Valley (Culture de la betterave sucrière dans la Red river Valley)
  • Agriculture ; Betterave à sucre ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Marché intérieur ; North Dakota ; Produit agricole ; Red river valley ; Région agricole ; Régulation du marché ; Sucre ; Variété hybride
  • Clay illuviation in Red Mediterranean Soils
  • Special Issue. Red Mediterranean soils
  • Aeolian dust ; Arid area ; Carbonate ; Clay mineral ; Climatic variation ; Concept ; Dating ; Geochemistry ; Lateritic soil ; Mediterranean States ; Mediterranean area ; Red soil ; Soil ; Soil classification ; Soil properties ; Taxonomy
  • This paper shows the reality of clay illuviation in Red Mediterranean soils under present day environmental conditions, and examines the effects of time and climatic fluctuations during Holocene and Pleistocene on this soil forming process. Textural
  • features and fabrics existing in Red Mediterranean soils are inventoried. The problem of age determination is also addressed, through the use of radiometric dates and correlation with archaeological artifacts.
  • Red Mediterranean soils in some karstic regions of Taurus mountains, Turkey
  • Special Issue. Red Mediterranean soils
  • Carbonate rock ; Cenozoic ; Clay mineral ; Fracture ; Karst ; Limestone ; Mediterranean climate ; Palaeosol ; Pedogenesis ; Red soil ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Turkey
  • The objective of this work is to provide further explanation regarding the pedogenesis of Red Mediterranean soils in the karstic Mediterranean regions of Turkey. Sedimentary petrology and mineralogy of limestones are the factors that control
  • the course of the pedogenesis. Most of the red soils in the studied karstic regions were likely developed during the Tertiary and hot and humid periods of the Quaternary epochs. Large body of soils which are found in deep limestones suggest their formation
  • Channel regulation of Torna stream to improve environmental conditions in the vicinity of red sludge reservoirs at Ajka, Hungary
  • The aim of the paper is to describe the geomorphologic situation in the environment of the red sludge reservoirs at Ajka and to make a proposal for the regulation of the hydrographical system over the surrounding territories. - (AM)
  • Habitat segregation and regeneration patterns of red fir and mountain hemlock in ecotonal forests, Lassen Volcanic National Park, California
  • The objectives of this study were to : 1) identify patterns of red fir and mountain hemlock abundance in ecotonal stands| 2) relate abundance patterns to environmental variables| and 3) determine if ecotonal stands are compositionally stable
  • Water in the Red River valley of the North
  • ; Irrigation ; Lutte contre les crues ; Manitoba ; Minnesota ; North Dakota ; Red River ; Ressources en eau ; Régularisation ; Sol irrigable ; Vallée
  • The Red River valley is a homogeneous physical region that is partitioned between two countries and among two states and one province. Problems of water surpluses and water deficits are common to the valley. Flood protection is better developed
  • Land-cover effects on red soil rehabilitation in China : a meta-analysis
  • China ; Ecological rehabilitation ; Erosion control ; Man-environment relations ; Plant cover ; Red soil ; Soil ; Soil erosion ; Soil properties
  • Based on journal publications and a meta-analysis approach, this paper investigates the effects, and their spatiotemporal variations, of different land covers on red soil rehabilitation in China. Results indicate that all the land covers used in red
  • soil rehabilitation had been effective in improving degraded red soils but the degrees of effectiveness varied. Soil organic carbon was the most sensitive of the 3 major soil nutrients considered with regard to land-cover change during ecological
  • rehabilitation. Coniferous and broadleaf mixed forest was detected as the most effective land cover in red soil rehabilitation. Some spatiotemporal trends of land-cover effectiveness on red soil rehabilitation exist in a statistically significant sense
  • La organizacion de la red telegrafica espanola
  • Tráfico terrestre y red vial en las Indias españolas
  • La red de transportes interinsular canaria
  • Shape indices : useful measures or red herring ?
  • Thermal infra-red remote sensing principles and applications in Remote sensing application in agriculture and hydrology.
  • La red viaria en el area metropolitana de Alicante-Elche
  • Teoria de red urbana. Aplicacion a provincia de Santa Fe in Estudios de geografia de la provincia de Santa Fe. Homenaje al Dr. Alfredo Castellanos.
  • Galicia: red urbana y desarrolo regional