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  • Notes on the rise of the area studies tradition in U.S. geography, 1910-1929
  • Unity by inclusion: core area and Federal State at American independence
  • Geography of the sixties: in the Chicago area
  • Die Kolonisierung New Mexicos durch die Spanier. Ein Beitrag zum Problem der Entstehung von anthropogenen Räumen The colonisation of New Mexico by the Spaniards. A contribution to the problem of the genesis of anthropogene areas
  • The status of regional geography and area studies in the United States : an off-shore view from Hawaii in Recent trends and perspectives in regional geography of South Asia.
  • The author presents an influence of man's activity on environment in Great Britain in early Mesolithic. Considerations concerning upland areas such as Dartmoor, North Yorkshire Moors and Southern Pennines include mainly the analysis of forest
  • community evolution near the top limit. In lowland areas such as Breckland and the Weald is seen terms of deliberate burning of the forest by late Mesolithic culture. The author gives classification of Mesolithic settlements, that suggests that small number
  • Taylor built at Toronto an international reputation. He wrote on large, important topics : environment and nation, world peace and future world population. He explored new areas in geography.
  • Reprint of a widely circulated article, first published in 1964, that helped to stabilize the discourse of geography in the USA for more than 20 years. It organized geography into the spatial, area studies, man-land and earth sciences traditions
  • Changes in the forest area and the development of settlement in Great Poland
  • Place annihilation: area bombing and the fate of urban places
  • material on rural domestic industry and on the social structure of the area.
  • The immigration of Danes to Clay and Sharon townships in Iowa, and their subsequent mobility is studied on the basis of censuses from 1870 to 1925. The distribution of immigrants by age and sex reveals that family immigration was common in this area
  • The rural markets in Japan during the latter medieval period. The paper examines the types of flow processes from analysis of the activities of merchants who took part in flow between rural areas. This study places the markets in this flow process
  • Purpose of this thesis is the reconstruction of the various trends or developments in the government approach to toponyms. This is done by comparing subsequent map series of the same areas where linguistic minorities were or are prevalent. The study
  • The quickset of the North of Thierache are surgeon of The Theorascia silva and the nucleus of bocage are numerous in the valleys in the end of the Middle Ages (50 % of the area). Though the field and the meadow are alternative since the XII century
  • Israel und seine Nachbarräume. Ländliche Siedlungen und Landnutzung seit dem 19. Jahrhundert.. (Israel and its neighbouring areas. Rural Settlements and land use since the 19thcentury)