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  • Resort areas in Wisconsin
  • Activités de loisirs ; Etats-Unis ; Ghum ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Géographie de la récréation ; Impôt ; Logement ; Loisir ; Occupation du logement ; Résidence secondaire ; Villégiature ; Wisconsin ; Zone de villégiature
  • Las areas de esparcimiento y preservacion del medio natural en la ciudad de Rio Gallegos. in Contribuciones cientificas. (Les aires de loisirs et la protection du milieu naturel dans la ville de Rio Gallegos)
  • L'étude vise à montrer la concordance du sous-système homme et du sous-système climat tenant compte de l'influence de la récréation sur la préservation du milieu naturel, dans la cuvette lacustre Ortiz de la ville de Rio Gallegos, au Sud de la
  • Child morbidity in the Kingston Metropolitan Area, Kingston 1983
  • The case reports of all children admitted to public and private hospitals in the Kingston metropolitan area were examined for an analysis, by special areas, of spatial variations in child morbidity. A Poisson probability test was applied in order
  • to determine areas of significant excesses in admission rates and three special areas selected for a child health survey.
  • Crime in urban areas: new evidence and results
  • Policies for nonmetropolitan areas
  • Economic value of recreation areas: the case of Saskatchewan parks
  • Demanda por alimentos na area metropolitana de Salvador
  • El Estudio de areas marginales en Venezuela
  • Peasants and bureaucracy in Chilean agrarian reform in Anthropology and social change in rural areas.
  • An inventory and evaluation of natural areas in San Diego County
  • Of the 64 public and private preserves inventoried in the desert, mountains and coast of this county, 32 of them were classified as well preserved , which included 16 % of the total county area in which now live 2 million people. - (DWG)
  • Tourist developments in the Kananaskis Valley area, Alberta, Canada, and the impact of the 1988 Winter Olympic games
  • On the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains, the Province of Alberta has developed a recreational area that has relieved pressures on the adjacent national parks but which, in turn, has created some negative environmental effects. - (DWG)
  • Stream water quality in a mountain recreation area
  • Surface waters in and near the Indian Peaks Wilderness area in Colorado, USA vary seasonally and locationally in chemical and biological constituents. The level of inorganic nutrients depends on stream flow. - (DWG)
  • Late Quaternary stratigraphy, sedimentology, and history of the Jasper townsite area, Alberta, Canada
  • Energia eléctrica en el area metropolitana in Contribuciones cientificas.
  • Industrial diversity and economic performance in U.S. areas
  • Area metropolitana de Montevideo L'aire métropolitaine de Montevideo
  • Suburbanization of higher income Blacks in major metropolitan statistical areas
  • Situacion educativa y medios de comunicacion en areas de frontera del Nordeste argentino
  • A cartographic analysis of Latin American immigrant groups in the Chicago metropolitan area, 1965-76
  • Motivations for the immigration component of population turnaround in non-metropolitan areas