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  • Les AA. étudient les transferts opérés par le budget de l'Etat entre la métropole et son arrière-pays. Les dépenses de ce budget, en 1984, et les recettes, sont analysées et spatialisées, selon une méthode qui permet de résoudre ou de contourner les
  • A review of operational methods in structure planning
  • Tour operators français et tourisme en Espagne
  • Espagne ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Station touristique ; Tour operator ; Tourisme
  • Les données abondantes montrent les limites étroites des tour operators français en ce qui concerne l'Espagne. Les Français y vont en voisins dans leur voiture. (PmB).
  • The Gulf co-operation council (GCC) : industrial co-operation in a gulf of difference in The Arab Gulf states.
  • Arabie ; Asie ; Cimenterie ; Coopération industrielle ; Coopération économique ; Economie internationale ; Gulf Co-operation Council ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Organisation internationale ; Ressource naturelle
  • Development of an operational cloud classification model in Special issue : Applications of AVHRR data.
  • Capacity planning in service operations: the case of hospital outpatient facilities
  • The growth of fast food operations in Britain
  • An operational method using ARGOS orbital elements for navigation of AVHRR imagery
  • A systems approach to integrate manpower planning and operation
  • The UNHCR and operations: a changing role
  • Omissions and contradictions in an African co-operative experiment: the case for Nigeria
  • The co-operative idea must take into account the individualistic and economically inaltruistic tendencies underlying rural communities. (EMS).
  • Environmental protection needs good administration : ecological application of the new legal instrument European Groupings of Territorial Co-operation (EGTC)
  • Legal framework and general conventions of cross-border co-operation, the regulation of European Groupings Territorial Co-operation, experience and deficits concerning cross-border co-operation, requirements and tasks for an EGTC, integrated coastal
  • The political economy of an African public enterprise: a longitudinal case study of the administrative and economic operations of the Sierra Leone port organization
  • A case study of the administrative and economic operations of Freetown in colonial and post-colonial Sierra Leone provides background for students interested in port development. (EMS).
  • Co-operation in forest products trade in the West African sub-region
  • If West African states would co-operate there are considerable possibilities for intra-regional trade. The infra-structure would have to be improved, and economic development could then be more rapid. (EMS).
  • Some aspects of stratification in Hungarian co-operative farms
  • The author presents the various labour force categories found in Hungarian Co-operative farms. He distinguishes between two main types: the peasant and the worker. The peasant places primary emphasis on this own small private farm. The worker type
  • relies primarily on the coummon endeavour. With the increased involvement of the young generation the number of those workers in the co-operatives who have a worker mentality is likely to increase.
  • An analysis of migratory systems : 2. Operational framework
  • Multiple objective decision making on the microcomputer for production/operations management : an overview
  • A review of Landsat MSS image acquisition over the United Kingdom 1976-1988, and the implications for operational remote sensing
  • Village food co-operatives as institutions of rural uplift
  • Externalisation and the formation of new industrial operations : a neglected dimension in the dynamics of industrial location