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  • The determining significance of the raw material sources for the industrialization of an area, for the employment and the development of the habitation
  • Transportation as bottlenecks to raw material production in Guizhou.
  • railways in this mountainous and inland province are now used to beyond capacity. Specific projects of nex line construction and electrification are discussed and their coordination with road and waterway development is stressed. Processing of the raw
  • materials to improve their transferability is suggested. (TNC).
  • Exploitation and utilization of mineral resources has brought about in the last decades new dimensions, which are briefly estimated in the introduction, succeeded by statements to fundamental problems of the estimation of raw material balances
  • and prognosis. Especially since 1972 a world-wide discussion on raw material resources took place, which led to pessimistic conclusions in the capitalistic social system. With regard to the scientific-technical progress the representatives of socialistic states
  • especially alluded to the possible increase of the geological and economical availability of raw material.
  • Standort-und Nutzungsprobleme mineralischer Rohstofflagerstätten in Weltmasstab. (Location and utilization problems of mineral raw material deposits in a global scale)
  • development of exploitable deposits are characterized in a global scale. With consideration of actual problems special attention is drawn to the transport facilities. Finally various means to a higher technic-economical availability of mineral raw materials
  • Raw material procurement, industrial upgrading and labor recruitment : intermediaries in Indonesia's clothing industry
  • Clothing industry ; Globalization ; Indonesia ; Industry ; Manpower ; Network ; Production system ; Raw materials ; Supplying ; Textile industry
  • Agricultural technique ; Agriculture ; Baden-Württemberg ; Cultivated surface ; Economic policy ; Germany ; Raw materials
  • Alongside the renewable raw materials which furnish vegetable oils and starches as main raw materials, fibre hemp, due to its versatility of application, is a further alternative raw material for use in the chemical-technical field. Since
  • The non-metallic mineral industry takes a significant place in Yugoslavia's economic structure, because it provides raw and intermediate materials for other economic branches and also manufactures finished consumer goods. List of major raw materials
  • Raw material costs and the development of the petrochemical industry in Alberta since 1975
  • Raw material exploitation for the manufacture of lithic artifacts by settlements of Beds I and II at Olduvai Gorge is initially explored applying some approaches from cultural geography. Overall and selective preferences by hominid groups
  • with relation to quality of raw material and distance from resources are discussed and priorities in decision-making concerning the location of settlements are suggested. Owing to the time-span involved (2 to 1 million years ago) and the constraints of the data
  • , merely tentative interpretations may be advanced. It would appear that proximity of fresh water and food resources weighed more in the decision-making process than that of raw materials.
  • The aluminum industry is unusual in the Soviet Union because if its heavy reliance on imported raw materials. The Soviet Union is well supplied with the cheap hydroelectric power needed for aluminum reduction, but has not identified sufficient
  • bauxite into alumina for use at the Sayanogorsk aluminum plant under construction in Siberia represents the latest development under that policy, which saw dependence on imported raw materials for aluminum production rise from 12 percent in 1965 to some 50
  • percent in 1980. An attempt is made to construct a raw material balance for the Soviet aluminum industry, and the latest developments are reviewed.
  • Copper ; Export ; Industrial complex ; Industry ; Metallurgy ; Mine ; Nickel ; Ore ; Production ; Raw materials ; Russia
  • Current production is examined in one of the world's major copper industries, with special emphasis on the Noril'sk Nickel Company, a leader in nickel and cobalt output. The A. documents and analyses changes in operating procedures and raw material
  • Commodity flow ; Development ; International trade ; Mining resources ; Raw materials ; Sugar
  • production in Malaysia and Indonesia), the question of wood as a commodity of the future, the cross-borders trade with secondary raw materials, the case of the global sugar market and a documentation of human mobility and development. - (IfL)
  • During the Sixth Five-Year Plan, geonomical basic research and geological preliminary research acquired major importance in research strategy. Their necessity is underlined by the demand to supply raw materials from home resources| to base the raw
  • material plans and policy of the coming five-year plans| and by the fact that resources to achieve the goals of this plan are already known. (DLO).
  • Rohstoffe ein Weltproblem? Weltanschaulich-philosophische Aspekte der Gewinnung und Nutzung von Naturressourcen. (Raw materials-a worldwide problem? Ideological-philosophical aspects of the utilization of natural resources)
  • Secondary raw materials
  • The utilization of North Sea hydrocarbons as raw material for petro-chemical manufacture
  • and soil materials shows that 2 main factors influenced the raw-material procurement strategies of the potters of these settlements : the proximity of the soil material to the potters' settlement, and the suitability of the soil material for pottery
  • The characteristics of, and the sources of the soil materials for, pottery groups manufactured in 3 ancient settlements of early Roman Galilee were studied by micromorphological techniques. The micromorphological comparison of the pottery groups
  • Latin America ; Mine ; Ore;Mineral ; Raw materials ; Research
  • International trade ; Raw materials ; Wood
  • Manufacturers (with a map of territorial distribution of the furniture manufacturers), raw and auxiliary material, production (table group of products in 1970, 1975, 1980, 1982), sales on the domestic market, exports (table of structure of furniture