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  • Distributions and hydrological characteristics of tropical cyclone rainstorms and floods in China
  • China ; Climatic zone ; Flood ; Hydrology ; Pic discharge ; Precipitation ; Rainstorm ; Seasonal variation ; Spatial distribution ; Tropical cyclone
  • Regional distribution of the rainstorms and floods caused and affected by tropical cyclones are described and the geographical divisions of China are also given in this paper. The hydrological characteristics of tropical cyclone rainstorms
  • The rainstorm of August 1998 in the Abisko area, northern Sweden : preliminary report on observations of erosion and sediment transport
  • Flood ; Fluvial erosion ; Lapland ; Mass movement ; Mountain ; Precipitation ; Rainstorm ; Sediment transport ; Soil erosion ; Stream ; Sweden
  • Several rainstorms with strong erosional effects have been recorded in Scandinavia during recent decades. The erosion occurs by the release of rapid mass movements on mountain slopes or through fluvial incision and bank collapse along streams
  • and rivers. Various factors, such as terrain characteristics and seasonal timing of the rainstorm event, are thought to favour the predominance of either of the 2 types of erosion for particular events. A new example of this variable impact of rainstorms
  • The influence of groundwater on surface flow erosion processes during a rainstorm
  • Cultivated land ; Experimentation ; Groundwater ; Infiltration ; Rainstorm ; Rill wash ; Soil erosion ; Soil properties ; Water erosion
  • on processes of surface flow erosion during a rainstorm, at the rill scale on a disturbed agricultural soil. In order to clarify the likely extent of these effects, and their influence on the geomorphic and environmental consequences of hillslope erosion
  • Some characteristics of rainstorms in Lagos, Nigeria
  • The rainstorm and flash flood at Mount Fulufjället in August 1997 : the meteorological and hydrological situation
  • The flood at Mount Fulufjället, 30-31 August 1997 was caused by the most furious rainstorm ever documented in Sweden. Private measurements onthe mountain show not less than 276 mm over 24 hours, and the distribution of severe damage suggests even
  • The relative geomorphic work effected by four processes in rainstorms: a conceptual approach to magnitude and frequency
  • Concept ; Mass movement ; Methodology ; Model ; Precipitation ; Probability ; Rainstorm ; Slope ; Slope dynamics
  • A stochastic hydro-geomorphological model for shallow landsliding due to rainstorm
  • Honshu ; Japan ; Landslide ; Model ; Natural hazards ; Rainstorm ; Slope ; Slope dynamics ; Spatial distribution ; Stochastic model ; Thematic map
  • Surface seal development in relation to rainstorm intensity
  • of two soils initially with a table flat surface. The approach taken is to evaluate the effect of sequential changes in intensity during a rainstorm on seal development.
  • A theoretical approach to soil porosity and sealing development using simulated rainstorms
  • Landslides in Central Jordan with special reference to the March 1983 rainstorm
  • Rainstorm and sediment yield characteristics at Ibadan
  • The impact of agriculture on solute and suspended sediment load on a Mediterranean watershed after intense rainstorms
  • Agricultural practice ; Catalonia ; Erosion rate ; Forest ; Land use ; Mediterranean area ; Rainstorm ; Solution load ; Spain ; Suspended load ; Water erosion ; Watershed
  • The solute and suspended-sediment load following 5 rainstorms (2005–2007) with varied intensities were studied at the Vernegà experimental watershed, north-western Spain. This study investigates the capacity of each land-use (forest and agricultural
  • data layers of the watershed were produced to determine the relation of tracks, landforms, slopes and forest management to SSC yield in the forest outlet during the 5 rainstorms. Agriculture practices are the main cause of soil erosion at the study area.
  • Community-based scenario modelling and disaster risk assessment of urban rainstorm waterlogging
  • China ; Climatic change ; Climatic hazard ; Inundation ; Model ; Natural hazards ; Rainstorm ; Risk management ; Scenario ; Shanghai ; Urban climate ; Vulnerability
  • The AA. used a small-scale integrated methodology to assess risks relating to rainstorm waterlogging hazards in the Jing’an District of Shanghai. Based on the basic concept of disaster risk, this paper applies scenario modelling to express the risk
  • of small-scale urban rainstorm waterlogging disasters in different return periods. A grid-based Geographical Information System (GIS) approach, including an urban terrain model, an urban rainfall model and an urban drainage model, was applied to simulate
  • The significance of rainstorm variations to shallow translational hillsllope failure
  • Landsliding in eastern Scotland results from high-magnitude rainstorms generated under either cyclonic or anticyclonic conditions, particularly during the summer. Data from Aviemore indicated that cyclonic storms produce higher rainfall totals than
  • Cyclone ; Gully erosion ; Land use ; Landslide ; New Zealand ; North Island ; Rainstorm ; Sediment budget ; Soil erosion ; Watershed
  • A short-term sediment budget was constructed to assess the erosion response of a soft-rock hill country watershed to an intense rainstorm event. The watershed is located in a landslide-prone area on the east coast of the North Island, New Zealand
  • . During March 1988, 753 mm of rain was recorded over a four-day period with 320 mm and 329 mm on successive days. Known as Cyclone Bola, this was the largest rainstorm event in the Tutira watershed in the 93-year rainfall record. The budget quantifies
  • Hillslope erosion by rainstorms. A magnitude-frequency analysis
  • Climatological Characteristics of Summertime extreme rainstorms in Minnesota
  • Dynamics of water, temperature and salts in typical aridic soils after artificial rainstorms
  • In periglacial, northern areas debris slides and flows are mainly initiated by intense rainfall in summer and autumn, caused either by cyclonic rainstorms or by convectional rainfall cells. The frequency of landslide-triggering rainstorms in arctic
  • Convection ; Florida ; Krigeage ; Methodology ; Precipitation ; Rainstorm ; Spatial variation ; Statistics ; Summer ; United States of America
  • Results are compared of using arithmetic averaging and kriging to estimate daily area-average rainfall during the summer 1991 Convection and Precipitation/Electrification Experiment (CaPE) in central Florida, where convective rainstorms often