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  • RICAN, Stéphane
  • Social and spatial aspects of Puerto Rican migration
  • The Puerto Rican yard-complex of Lorain, Ohio
  • AA. assess if Puerto Ricans in Lorain, Ohio, express their ethnicity with residential landscaping. Using a city directory, they identified 300 homes in the city that has a head-of-household that had a Hispanic surname, and they compared their houses
  • and yards with those of non-Hispanics. The Puerto-Rican yard-complex included a high incidence of religious shrines, front yard flower gardens, potted plants, well maintained yards, and homes painted in pastels. - (SLD)
  • Spatial order in the demographic transition: the Costa Rican case
  • Patterns of entry into cohabitation and marriage among mainland Puerto Rican women
  • Biogenetic and nonbiogenetically determined morphologies of the Costa Rican Pacific coast
  • Using remote sensing to monitor urban growth: a Costa Rican exemple
  • Control of schistosomiasis: the Puerto-Rican experience
  • Social change and sexual differences in Puerto Rican rural migration in Papers in Latin American geography in honor of Lucia C. Harrison.
  • Useful plants within a campesino community in a Costa Rican Montane Cloud Forest
  • An ethnobotanical survey was carried out in a campesino community (San Gerardo de Dota) in a Costa Rican montane cloud forest. Families were asked how they used indigenous and introduced vascular plants along an altitude gradient of 2000 to 3000 m
  • Between Borinquen and the Barrio : environmental justice and New York City's Puerto Rican community, 1969-1972
  • The paper explores the emergence of a radical Puerto Rican organization that was active in a number of US cities in the late 1960s and early 1970s. In New York City, it mobilized the community through a series of direct actions devoted to improving
  • Migration and household/Family structure: Puerto-Ricans in the United States
  • Migration and the Latino family: the union formation behavior of Puerto Rican women
  • Caribbean international circulation : are Puerto Rican women tied-circulators?
  • Variation in migration processes and development: a Costa Rican example of conventional modeling augmented by the expansion method
  • Petrochemicals and economic development: the implications of the Puerto Rican experience
  • Costa Rica and Nicaragua have a long history of animosity whiche has affected opinions about Nicaraguan refugees in Costa Rica. Analysis of a negative stereotyping suggests to the A. that the Costa Rican press is largely responsible for it. - (DWG)
  • Water wells from four Puerto Rican municipios were tested for 15 water-quality parameters. Noxious chemicals contaminated this water, presenting risks to human health. - (DWG)
  • of immigration sources. People of Mexican origin dominate in the West; Puerto Ricans in the East; and Cubans in Florida. - (DWG)
  • arrived between 1880-1920 and though still numerous there, have been followed by Blacks, Arabs and especially Puerto Ricans. In the 1970s, Russian Jews, several Antillean cultures, and Asians (Chinese and Korean) were well represented. Today Third world