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  • Studi sulla rank-size rule
  • Géographie humaine ; Rank-size distribution ; Réseau urbain ; Taille des villes
  • A class of deviations from rank-size regularity: three interpretations
  • Rank-size rule et l'armature urbaine de l'Italie
  • Géographie de l'Europe ; Géographie urbaine ; Hiérarchie urbaine ; Italie ; Rank-size distribution ; Réseau urbain ; Ville
  • Application à l'Italie du modèle bien connu (Rank-size rule): l'A. prend en considération les données démographiques des 100 villes italiennes les plus peuplées en 1871, 1921 et 1971. Commentaire intéressant des graphiques qui en résultent. (CDP).
  • Rank-size rule e rete urbana della Toscana
  • Géographie de l'Europe ; Hiérarchie urbaine ; Italie ; Méthodologie ; Rank-size rule ; Réseau urbain ; Toscana ; Ville
  • Le reti urbane delle regioni italiane nell'ottica della rank-size rule
  • Application du modèle bien connu (rank-size rule) à chaque région de l'Italie| il en résulte différents types de développement des réseaux urbains. (CDP).
  • An approximation for the rank adjacency statistic for spatial clustering with sparse data
  • The rank adjacency statistic D provides a simple method to assess regional clustering. The usual normal approximation is found to give inaccurate results if the data are sparse and some regions have tied ranks. Ajusted formulae for the moments of D
  • Micromorphology of Atlantic rankers on the coast of Northern Portugal
  • Datation ; Littoral ; Micromorphologie ; Portugal ; Propriété du sol ; Pédogenèse ; Ranker
  • L'étude microscopique de rankers atlantiques du littoral nord du Portugal met en évidence le caractère très polyphasé des profils, conséquence d'une succession de périodes de stabilité et d'instabilité morphologiques. La présence de marqueurs
  • Struktura i prawid owosci rozwoju systemu punktow sprzedazy detalicznej w swietle regu y Zipfa Rank-Size. (Structure and development regularities of retail trading stations in the light of the rank-size Zipf's rule)
  • The rank-size rule of a set of cities with no or weak interaction : a case study in Japan
  • S. M. Guseyn-Zade (1977) presents a new model for the relation of rank and size of cities with noninteractions between the cities within a region. It is different from the Zipf formula. The purpose of this paper is to examine to what extent
  • this model fits the size distribution of cities in seven selected urban areas : Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Hakodate, Hachinohe and Morioka areas, excluding the top rank city in each area. The result shows S. M. Guseyn-Zade's model is appropriate for Tokyo
  • The rank-size model: a non-logarithmic calibration
  • A spatial rank-order correlation measure
  • Rank-size convexity and System integration: a view from archaeology
  • Rank size distribution, city size hierarchies and the Berckmann model: some empirical results
  • A note on rank-size and primacy: in pursuit of a parsimonious explanation
  • Rank/scale differentiation of integrative processes and territorial administration in the Czech republic
  • The rank/scale differentiation on the Czech national settlement system : local, regional, national and supranational level in the frame of European system. Actually a fundamental question is the establishment of optimal degree of the political
  • Rank-size rule e armatura urbana abruzzese
  • Abruzzi ; City size ; Italy ; Rank-size distribution ; Settlement ; Urban hierarchy ; Urban network
  • The finding of a saturation model by analysing a statistical illusion : the remarcable case of the « rank-size rule » of Zipf
  • Belgium ; City size ; Mathematical model ; Rank-size distribution ; Regression analysis ; Statistics ; Urban network ; Urban system
  • On the rank-size distribution for human settlements
  • City size ; Fitting ; Rank-size distribution ; Settlement ; Settlement system ; Spain ; Stochastic model ; United States of America ; Urban growth
  • Ranking ośrodków geografii społeczno-ekonomicznej w Polsce na podstawie cytowań w bazach Web of Science
  • This article has sought to rank centres of human geography in Poland on the basis of citations in the Web of Science bases. It thus discusses: the distribution to numbers of citations of Polish human geographers, the ranking of centres of human