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  • Regelhafte Erscheinungsformen der Migration in der DDR. (Regularities in GDR migrations)
  • The existence of regular phenomena within the internal migration of the GDR is verified by several examples. The phenomena correspond to regularities that have been recognized by the international and GDR research on migration. This paper provides
  • A class of deviations from rank-size regularity: three interpretations
  • Development of a freight transformation network of regular trucking in Korea
  • This study ewamines the development of service networks by regular trucking, and the spatial change of truck service routes in Korea. The A. indicates 4 points as results. - (KA)
  • The development of regular truck freight transportation networks in Japan
  • The purpose of this paper is to investigate the process of the extension of regular truck transportation networks over fixed routes in Japan. The author summarized the spatial extention of regular truck service as follows : during the period
  • development of regular trucking services over fixed routes should be understood in the context of these socio-economic changes. - (KA)
  • Everyday expertise: land regularization and the conditions for land grabs in Petén, Guatemala
  • Cadastral survey ; Economy ; Expertise ; Financing ; Guatemala ; Land ; Neo liberalism ; Organization ; Project ; Regularization
  • This paper examines the work of regularizing (titling) land in the context of a World-Bank-funded market-assisted land reform project in northern Guatemala. Specifically, the focus is on the meaning-making work of field technicians who seek
  • to convince campesinos (peasants) to participate in this regularization project. In their recruiting efforts, these technicians creatively link neoliberal slogans, human rights narratives, and exclusionary visions of nation, race, and property. By examining
  • how technicians elaborate knowledge in the field and on the fly, this study reveals spheres of politics where regularization could be modestly contested or transformed. Such politics are worth attending to because in northern Guatemala and elsewhere
  • , regularization contributes to conditions for land grabs.
  • This paper examines what conditions affect the entry of Swedish limited liability firms 2000–2008, while making a distinction between regular entrants and those that survive for at least 2 years. Results suggest that the conditions influencing
  • regular entry were similar to those influencing surviving entry. Substantially, more entry occurred in municipalities with high-income and a well-educated population. The importance of the level of education appears stronger for surviving entrants than
  • for regular entrants, pointing to the importance of human capital.
  • Tektonische Gesetzmässigkeiten der Erdol-Erdgas-Verteilung auf Tafeln. (Tectonic regularities of the oil and gas distribution on platforms)
  • Several tectonic regularities of oil and gas genesis and accumulation have been found out by comparing single platform regions to pre-riphaeic and pre-Upper Paleozoic crystalline. It is pointed out that hydrocarbons could by accumulated already
  • Regularization for inverse models in remote sensing
  • and solved by coupling regularization and optimization methods. In particular, it is proposed sparse and non-smooth regularization and optimization techniques for solving inverse problems in remote sensing. Numerical experiments are also made to demonstrate
  • Regularities of mountain geosystems
  • Geographic regularities in residential search behavior
  • Order distance in regular point patterns
  • Dissatisfied with previous definitions, author presents his opinion that experimental geomorphology reveals relationships, and regularities between landforms, geomorphic processes and the materials involved in the processes on the basis
  • of laboratory or field measurements and delimits the scope of validity for these relationships and regularities. (DLO).
  • Regular density network and its application in geographic studies
  • The contribution discusses problems of the evolutional history of the earth's crust, such as cycles, stages and direction of geological processes, which are influencing the regularities of endogenous ore formation. The A. examines these regularities
  • Regularities in the time series of mean daily temperature in Poland 1956-1990
  • The main purpose of this work is to test Polish temperature records from the point of view of their regularity. Mean daily temperatures for 10 Polish meteorological stations from the period 1956-1990 were examined from the point of view
  • Stepping out of the twilight ? Assembling the governance implications of land titling and regularization programmes
  • Governance ; Land ; Land utilisation ; Mozambique ; Neighbourhood ; Regularization ; Urban area ; Urban settlement
  • . The A. attempts to specify the regularities showing the organisation of complex systems. The combination of the principles of regularities and differentiation enables us to understand the nature of developmeent of society in the environment.
  • Reguła kolejności według wielkości jako metoda opisu stanu i rozwoju sieci osadniczej
  • The role of loess-paleosols formation in the study of the regularities of pedogenesis in Loess and environment - selected papers.
  • Evolucion reciente de la red Nacional de Vuelos Regulares de pasajeros en Espana (1970-1975)