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  • Dynamic pedogenesis : new views on some key soil concepts, and a model for interpreting Quaternary soils
  • A model of pedogenesis is presented in an evolutional paradigm that emphasizes the integrated effects of dynamic and passive pedogenic vectors in directing pathways and in controlling rates of soil genesis through time. This model helps explain
  • the apparent minimal development and regressed character of some old soils and the rapid and strong development of some young ones.
  • Expériences d'hydraulique appliquée à la morphologie et dynamique fluviale (Point des recherches et perspectives). Hydraulic experiments applied to fluvial morphology and dynamics)
  • The tests and experiments using gravel and steep slopes have been regrouped around the following themes: study of channels and equilibrium profiles obtained by regressive erosion. Study of carriage. Methods of measuring by tracers and formulas
  • Synoptic and dynamic climatology
  • The dynamic models of geomorphological systems ( the qualitative theory of dynamic systems' application)
  • Dynamics of nitrogen fixation in a meadow biogeocenosis
  • Dynamics and morphology of the North Branch Ashburton River.
  • Dynamics of periglacial sorted circles in western Spitsbergen
  • Dinamikus allatfoldrajz.. (Dynamic zoogeography)
  • is the result of the evolutional unity of animal and its environment. The principles of dynamic zoogeography are supported by ample evidence. (DLO).
  • Tropical rain forest : structure and dynamics
  • The main thrust of the recent publications has been in the broad area of rain forest structure (including species richness) and dynamics although there have been substantial advances also in rain forest plant ecophysiology, plant soil relation ships
  • Water, salt and sodium dynamics in a Natraquoll in Argentina
  • Study of the origin and dynamics of the solonetzes in the Flooding Pampa. This paper reports on the movement of water and salts from the water table, the mechanisms involved and their connection with environmental factors. The development of soil
  • Plant migration : the dynamics of geographic patterning in seed plant species.
  • Synoptic and dynamic climatology
  • Interfacing system dynamics and multiobjective programming for regional water resources planning in Environmental conflict analysis.
  • Acoustic teledetection of shelf bedforms and their meaning for the sediment dynamics in Progress in Belgian oceanographic research.
  • Water dynamics of forests : one-dimensional modelling
  • Clearcut logging, vegetation dynamics and human wisdom
  • Dynamics of the active plate boundary in southwest Columbia according to recent geophysical measurement
  • Géomorphologie dynamique dans les régions intertropicales = Dynamical geomorphology in tropical regions.
  • Introductory dynamical oceanography.
  • Mapping of slope exposure in Environmental and dynamic geomorphology.