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  • An extended matrix of economic growth and corresponding dynamic system
  • Dynamic allocation of urban space
  • Migration dynamics and labour market turnover
  • Growth pole spillovers: the dynamics of backwash and spread
  • A dinamikus gazdasagfoldrajz torténelmi elozményei. (Historical background of the dynamic economic geography)
  • The A. states that the traditional economic geography of descriptive character is not proper to represent the spatial phenomena of dynamically changing life and discovers the causal interrelations between them. (CK).
  • Bevolkingsmigratie en de dynamiek van het stedelijk systeem Population migration and the dynamics of the urban system
  • Cortie and Ostendorf review the migration factor in the frame-work of dynamic urban systems. Their approach to this geographical phenomenon can be considered as an instance of modern Dutch thinking in this field. (AGD).
  • A dinamikus gazdasagfoldrajz elmélete.. (Theory of dynamic economic geography)
  • the debatable approaches to dynamic space theory, centres of development, allocation theory, urbanization and the focal points of world economy. (DLO).
  • The dynamics of urban economic development : towards an integrated model system in Dynamic and spatial processes.
  • Dynamic modelling of the building cycle : 1. Theoretical framework
  • Manufacturing-plant closures : a dynamic survival model
  • Dynamic aspects of environmental damage in a multisector economy
  • Dynamic capacity planning of public schools in changing urban communities
  • Externalisation and the formation of new industrial operations : a neglected dimension in the dynamics of industrial location
  • A dynamical model of labor-market change in international labor migrations when demand for labor is exogenous
  • Towards the application of dynamic growth theory to regions: generalizations and comments
  • A simplified model of spatiotemporal population dynamics
  • A dynamic equilibrium model of regional capital investment with supporting evidence from Canada and the United States
  • Self-organization in dynamic settlement systems in Seventh Pacific conference, Surfer's Paradise, 1981.
  • The dynamics of Ghetto boundary Movement aud ghetto shape
  • A dinamikus gazdasagfoldrajz alapproblémai. (Basic problems of the dynamic economic geography)