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  • National, regional, and corporate planning methodologies-system dynamics versus simultaneaous equation using regression
  • Dynamics of patterns on a hard-data backcloth in Towards the dynamic analysis of spatial systems.
  • Uncertainty and dynamic linear programming models in agriculture: recent issues in theory and practice in Dynamic linear models for the study of agricultural systems.
  • Turbulence in congested spatial interaction dynamics in Dynamic and spatial processes.
  • Multistock-multilocation relative Volterra-Lotka dynamics are degenerate in Dynamic and spatial processes.
  • Regional Dynamic Model with the backward integration on system Dynamics Modeling is proposed in order to evaluate the effect of the flood control to the land enhancement. - (SGA)
  • Spatial forecasting a view from the touchline in Towards the dynamic analysis of spatial systems.
  • Some methods for the testing and estimation of dynamic model which use panel data
  • Incremental dynamic programing may yield nonoptimal solutions
  • Spatial temporal dynamics
  • Toward a stochastic dynamical theory of location: empirical evidence
  • The dynamic intraurban theory of relative residential land density-rental interaction is tested in this paper. A cyclical behavior characterizes the density-rent interdependance when some aggregates of intraurban zones are considered. Specifically
  • , when considering the central city-suburban ring interactions for relative mobility of population and transfer of rental value, a dynamic deterministic formulation of density-rent interaction replicates empirical evidence in a satisfactory manner
  • . As a conclusion, a deterministic mean value formulation of a basically stochastic density-rent interaction is a good descriptor of such dynamics.
  • An evolutionary approach to the analysis of dynamic systems, with special reference to spatial interaction models in Dynamic and spatial processes.
  • LOGISTIC GROWTH : models and applications to multiregional relative dynamics and competition of socio-economic stocks in Dynamic and spatial processes.
  • Dynamic urban models based on information-minimising in Towards the dynamic analysis of spatial systems.
  • Dynamic models for urban and regional analysis in Time and regional dynamics.
  • Equifinality : modern approaches to dynamical systems and their potential for geographical thought
  • A dynamic location-allocation model for evaluating the spatial impacts for just-in-time planning
  • Grasping the dynamism of lifeworld
  • Commodity production and the dynamics of land-use differentiation
  • Tensor formulation of economic motion in Time and regional dynamics.