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  • Analyse des champs de précipitations pour la région de Setif (Algérie)
  • This paper deals with the relief influence on the fields of precipitation and their behavior over land and over sea. We found that the intensity H registered during two months is on one hand higher on the mountainous regions and on the other hand H
  • Asia ; Atmospheric circulation ; Correlation ; Drought ; Interannual variability ; Middle East ; Rainfall ; Regional climate ; Years 1960-69 ; Years 1980-89
  • Dry and wet years in the Near-East - Relationship with regional atmospheric circulation. Rainfall in the Near-East (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel) is characterized by a strong variability at inter-annual and monthly time scales. Three regional
  • units of co-variation are defined using monthly data for 116 stations on the period 1960-90. The relationship between the exceptionally wet and dry months and atmospheric circulation (NCEP-NCAR reanalyses) is analysed. Rainfall in the three regions
  • Brazil ; Climate ; Climatic warming ; Global change ; Local climate ; Paraná ; Regional climate
  • This analyse focus the global change and its regional and local manifestations on the south of Brazil, on the Parana's State. Dates from eight places-cities were analysed and has shown an increase in air temperature, notably on the last decade
  • In Romania, on March 7 2002, the weather was characterized by extreme wind conditions (over 40 m/s, especially in the Carpathians regions). The phenomenon was generated by a very high pressure gradient between the Southern and Northern regions
  • Industrial estate ; Local climate ; Meteorology ; Observation network ; Portugal ; Regional climate ; Urban growth ; Urban infrastructure
  • Over the last decades there has been an increasing growth in urban areas, associated with the growth and development of the surrounding and industrial areas. This urban growth has a direct impact on local and regional climate conditions, causing
  • Climatic variation ; Congo ; Impact ; Regional climate ; Scenario ; Weather forecast
  • will be for each zone by using results MAGIC / SCENGEN model. But here exists of uncertainties on due regional climatical impacts mainly of a coarse resolution of the GCM and the parameterisation of phenomena in under - grilles. - (BJ)
  • Antarctique ; Climat ; Glaciation ; Groenland ; Holocène ; Paléotempérature ; Prévision ; Refroidissement climatique ; Région polaire ; Statistique ; Température ; Variation climatique
  • Antarctica ; Climate ; Climatic cooling ; Climatic variation ; Forecast ; Glaciation ; Greenland ; Holocene ; Palaeotemperature ; Polar region ; Statistics ; Temperature
  • Années 1950 ; Années 1990 ; Congo ; Déficit pluviométrique ; Pluviométrie ; Précipitation ; Région agricole ; Variation saisonnière
  • Agricultural region ; Congo ; Pluviometry ; Precipitation ; Rainfall deficit ; Seasonal variation ; Years 1950-59 ; Years 1990-99
  • In the last three decades, important rainy deficits rainfall have characterised the climate trend of the main southern agricultural regions of the Republic of Congo (Vallée du Niari and the Plateau des Cataractes) that represents 95000 km2, 28
  • Les changements de la température à la surface de la mer Baltique dans la région de la baie et de la fosse de Gdańsk et leurs relations avec la température de l'air (1871-1992)
  • . The increase in the frequency and intensity of advection of the Atlantic air during the winter period results in clearly milder winters in the regions of Polish coasts on the Baltic Sea (Marsz, Styszyńska, 2001). - (BJ)
  • By frequency analysis we found some lows of probalities having regional character in the Depression of Transylvania : Log-Pearson III for monthly 24th max., Gumbel for annual 24h max. and Weibull for rain intensity. The suggested relationships
  • decreases in mean daily rainfall and negative relations with regional mean sea level pressures. - (BJ)
  • The Southern part of the Morocco (region of Agadir and Goulimine) is affected by fog and low stratus during the summer in relation with the up welling at the Atlantic Sea. The using of NOAA-AVHRR satellite pictures help us to analyse and cartography
  • This paper examines data from six meteorological stations with manual survey in Autonomic Region of Trentino (Italian East Alps) that are situated in the important domaines skiables. We have also considered data of winter tourism (tourist
  • The data set of this study is composed by daily precipitation values from 22 stations uniformly distributed within the Greek region ; the time series extend from 1958-2000. The objective is to calculate and to analyse the maximum number of dry
  • of the West African climate but also to significant modifications of regional land cover studied by SPOT imagery. - (BJ)
  • The emission inventories performed in the frame of the ESCOMPTE program have required important means in regards to the goals of both the ESCOMPTE program and to the regional scale air quality management. This database concerns an investigation