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  • Jobs in leisure: growth during recession
  • Devaluation, recession and nontraditional manufactured exports from India
  • Unemployment trends in current recession
  • Lake Michigan bluff recession
  • Maximum recessions of shallow groundwater level in central Poland
  • This paper presents a method of describing maximum recessions of groundwater level, drawing on an analysis based on data gathered from 41 sites, between the rivers Warta and Vistula, for the monitoring of groundwater level. Maximum weekly recessions
  • for all of the measurement points were selected, before being employed as a basis for approximating the regression lines used to calculate the theoretical top speed recession curves between maximum and minimum groundwater levels, and the estimated time
  • needed for such a recession to be achieved. Sudied characteristics of all the examined groundwater recessions were compared with geographical characteristics of the aquifers involved, in order that relations between them could be determined.
  • Sectoral change and unemployment during the Great Recession, in historical perspective
  • Economic activity ; Economic geography ; Economic recession ; Employment ; Industrial sector ; Labour market ; Regional analysis ; Unemployment ; United States of America
  • This article examines the effect of sectoral change on U.S. state unemployment during the Great Recession. Of the 4.1 percentage point increase in mean state unemployment between 2007 and 2009, increased structural change explains 0.6–1.18
  • percentage points, and increased estimated effects of structural change 0.8–2.7 percentage points. Despite the role of housing in the recession, neither construction nor any other one sector can account for the results. Although the pace and role
  • of structural change had returned to normal levels after the Great Recession, their effects persisted, raising mean state unemployment by 0.9–2.3 percentage points in 2011.
  • Recession rate of Poudre Falls in Rocky Mountain Front Range, Colorado, USA
  • The recession rate of Poudre Falls in the Colorado Front Range is examined using an equation by Hayakawa and Matsukura (Eath Surf. Processes Landf., 28. 2003). In spite of stable tectonics and a cold semi-arid climate in the region, the estimated
  • recession rate for 12 000 y. indicates rapid erosion of the waterfall. This indicates that the waterfall recession is a primary response of fluvial erosion after deglaciation, creating a narrow gorge below the waterfall. Further data collection
  • will be necessary to assess the waterfall recession rates in such glaciated regions.
  • Bank recession processes, rates, and prediction, lake Sakakawea, North Dakota, U.S.A.
  • Study of the erosion processes and erosion rates and development of a bank recession predictive model for lake Sakakawea. The first part of this paper summarizes the results of that study, leading to the potential for a predictive capability.
  • Recession rates of Kaminari Falls in the upper Matsukawa River, Takayama Village, Nagano Prefecture
  • Based on the Hayakawa and Matsukura equation (2003) using parameters specifying the erosive force and the bedrock resistance, the AA. examine here the recession rate of the Kaminari Falls in Takayama Village, Nagano Prefecture.
  • Institutional responses to the UK housing market recession
  • While demand-side factors are important in explaining te phenomenon of recession, the A. examines the responses of the major institutions (lenders, insurance companies and the government) to the recession, covering the period up to the autumn
  • Manufacturing recession? BHP and the recession in Wollongong
  • Recession rates of waterfalls : a brief review
  • This paper reviews some recession rates reported in previous papers for the following waterfalls : Niagara Falls (North America), Victoria Falls (southern Africa), Ryumon Falls (Tochigi Prefecture, Japan), some waterfalls in Boso Peninsula (Chiba
  • Prefecture, Japan), and Kegon Falls (Tochigi Prefecture, Japan). The results are summarized in a table. It is suggested that recession of waterfalls (or knickpoints) is a significant factor in the development of fluvial landforms.
  • The social consequences of migration with reference to economic recession in Geographical agenda for a changing world.
  • Knickpoint recession rate and catchment area : the case of uplifted rivers in Eastern Scotland
  • Knickpoint (KP) recession in streams draining to glacio-isostatically uplifted shorelines in eastern Scotland is used to assess wether KP recession is a function of discharge ( here represented by its surrogate, catchment area). Knickpoints
  • are identified using DS plots (log slope versus log downstream distance). A statistically significant power relationship is found between discharge of headward recession and catchment area.
  • This study examines the rate of recession of Shomyo Falls, which consists of Pleistocene welded pyroclastic flows deposits in Toyama Prefecture. The discrepancy between the geology-based and equation-based recession rates indicates that some factors
  • , not taken account of in the equation, significantly influence the recession rate. The AA. suggest that a factor in the rapid erosion of the waterfall is a large amount of transported sediment acting as abrasive material, which is supplied from high mountains
  • Late Quaternary snowline reconstructions for the Southern and Central Sierra Nevada, California and a reassessment of the « Recess Peak Glaciation »
  • This paper utilizes modern, Holocene, and late Pleistocene snowline data to assess the age assignments of deposits attributed to Recess Peak advances in the central and southern Sierra. This evaluation suggests that many of these deposits are more
  • A debt-owing democracy: the political impact of housing market recession at the British general election of 1992
  • The paper investigates the impact of housing recession on the geography of the vote at the 1992 general election. Party fortunes are linked to local housing market conditions, and the failure of the housing market is a factor in reducing support
  • Normal-mode analysis of the structure of baseflow-recession curves
  • Sur des graphiques semi-logarithmiques, on s'aperçoit que la recession des débits de base de nombreux cours d'eau n'est pas linéaire. Ce comportement est général| il affecte même les systèmes aquifères les plus simples. La composante du débit de
  • Predicting national and regional recessions using probit modeling and interest-rate spreads
  • Economic recession ; Economic situation ; Forecast ; Model ; Probability ; Regional economy ; United States of America