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  • Queer patriarchies, queer racisms, international. Special issue
  • 1. Guest Editor's prologue : crosscurrents (H.J. Nast). 2. The liberation of intimacy : consumer-object relations and (hetero)patriarchy (V.L. Blum). 3. Renting wombs (Anonymous). 4. Queer patriarchies, queer racisms, international (H.J. Nast). 5
  • . Mapping Romeic and Hellenic same-sex desire : articulating heteropatriarchy and male homosexuality in contemporary Greece (A.G. Papadopoulos). 6. A transnationalist feminist critique of queer tourism (J. Puar). 7. Rescaling transnational queerdom : lesbian
  • Retrenchment from a queer ideal : class privilege and the failure of identity politics in AIDS activism
  • plus large. Cette politique a engendré le mouvement Queer, qui s'accompagne de contestations internes susceptibles de paralyser ACT UP.
  • Queer ecology : nature, sexuality, and heterotopic alliances
  • This interdisciplinary terrain is explored by using the example of an urban cemetery in North London as a starting point. Queer ecology may enrich our understanding of both urban materiality and the role of metaphors in urban theory. This idea
  • Contesting domestic ideals : queering the Australian home
  • Undressing the researcher : feminism, embodiment and sexuality at a queer bathhouse event
  • Architectures of the good life : queer assemblages and the composition of intimate citizenship
  • Baltimore ; Citizenship ; Community ; Ethnography ; Maryland ; Privacy ; Queer ; Sexuality ; Social life ; Social network ; United States of America ; Urban society
  • Concept ; Epistemology ; Gender ; Geography ; Masculinity ; Queer ; Research ; Sexuality ; Social sciences ; Theory
  • hégémoniques et les normes de genre dans une société patriarcale. C. Prieur prend le parti d'étudier les masculintés alternatives (féminines, queer et trans) dans la lignée des géographies queers.
  • Coming out of geography : towards a queer epistemology ?
  • Critical geographies and the uses of sexuality : deconstructing queer space
  • Queering the map : the productive tensions of colliding epistemologies
  • Mutinous eruptions : autonomous spaces of radical queer activism
  • Decentering queer globalization : diffusion and the global gay
  • The modern model family at home in Singapore: a queer geography
  • Gender anf geography II : bridging the gap - feminist, queer, and the geographical imaginary
  • Framing exclusion in Cape Town's gay village : the discursive and material perpetration of inequitable queer subjects
  • -city neighborhood, Vistula; the development of the local LGBT and queer community more broadly; and the interrelation of these gay and queer neighborhoods with other social sites and spaces. The findings suggest that intersectionality
  • Trans experiences in lesbian and queer space
  • Garhwal Himalaya: a queering eco-system in Himalayas mountains and men. Studies in eco-development.
  • Affect ; Embodiment ; Emotion ; Heteronormativity ; Human geography ; Love ; Queer ; Sexuality