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  • The traditional forms of agricultural organization in the far South-East of Galicia, characterized by openfield with grouped habitat in the shape of big enough villages called pueblos, have been altered, these last ten years, in various degrees
  • , by phenomena of degradation (rural-urban migration problems of adjustment of the agriculture...). In some pueblos, the tierras centenales, organized in two large breaks, have been completely given-up and agricultural life has withdrawn on the outskirts
  • of the huertas and cortinas. In other villages, the fallow fields are to be found mainly on the periphery and, as a whole, the soil remains unchanged. In other pueblos at last, it is remote fields that have been abandoned at random, a little everywhere within
  • 1983
  • Pueblos del norte de la Patagonia.. (Peuplements du nord de la Patagonie)
  • 1983