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  • Nomades: behavioral and psychological adjustments to sedentarization
  • Pattern and process : a review essay on the relationship between geography and environmental psychology
  • From place to space: the psychological achievement of thematic mapping
  • Emotional loading of environmental perceptions: a contribution to architectural psychology in New trends in urban planning. Studies in housing, urban design and planning.
  • Psychological adaptation and dysfunction among refugees
  • The psychological basis of contextual effects
  • Time: psychological aspects in Making sense of time.
  • This paper proposes a psychological approach to the study of a particular type of space. Islands offer a particularly good illustration of those essential relationships between the behaviour of living beings and the environments in which they reside
  • necessarily imply a particular image of the world which, in turn, valorizes positively or negatively certain topological structuration of that world. Eventually this kind of research could yield a kind of listing of psychological traits for islands based
  • Psychological dimensions of climatic change in Social Science research and climate change. An interdisciplinary appraisal.
  • From soul to psyche : historical geography of psychology and space. Theme issue
  • Moldavia ; Policy ; Romania ; Russians ; Social psychology
  • These models are suggested as a means for bridging the methodological and philosophical gap between models of discretionary and constrained spatial behavior. The focus is on psychologically justifiable rather than normative decision models.
  • Recent publications organized into the following categories: ethnic/regional foodways; individual foods; eating out; marketing; history and trends; perspectives of anthropology, folklore, psychology and sociology; bibliographies. - (DWG)
  • This study tries to analyze and assess the living standard (the degree of satisfaction) including subjective and psychological aspects from a socioeconomic viewpoint integrating the conventional monetary economic approach and non monetary social
  • [b1] School of Psychology, Univ. of Waikato, Hamilton, Nouvelle-Zelande
  • [b2] School of Psychology, Massey University Albany, Auckland, Nouvelle-Zelande
  • Psychological health risks for workers in Italy
  • Brandenburg ; Cottbus ; Germany ; Inner city ; Living conditions ; Social change ; Social psychology ; Urban life ; Urban planning ; Urban renewal ; Urban society
  • The greater complexity of interests and life situations causes a social-psychological climate ranging from melancholy to pioneer spirit and highlights the fact that the living contexts of some of the inner-city inhabitants must be protected
  • Introduction-Substantive and methodological aspects of the interface between geography and psychology in Proximity and preference. Problems in the multidimensional analysis of large data sets.
  • The A. develops and explores probability-based decision strategies for the consumer spatial search problem. They extend experimental and analytical work in psychology on repeated choice among alternatives. The models encompass a wide range
  • analyses in an attempt to uncover the psychological and sociological factors influencing modal choice.