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  • Proximity and collaboration in European nanotechnology
  • Economic cooperation ; Europe ; European Union ; High technology ; Measurement ; Proximity ; Technology
  • While organizational proximity influences the output of collaborations only indirectly, geographical and technological proximity do so directly. Geographical proximity is most significant in statistical terms and technological proximity has
  • Asentamientos and cantegriles. New poverty and the moral dangers of proximity in Uruguyan squatter settlements
  • Community ; Family ; Informality ; Montevideo ; Poverty ; Proximity ; Settlement ; Social geography ; Squatter ; Suburbs ; Urban area ; Uruguay
  • The AA. analyse asentamientos and cantegriles through new poverty and the moral dangers of proximity in Uruguyan squatter settlements. Based on ethnographic research in Montevideo, this article shows how newly impoverished Uruguayans have dealt
  • with their new spatial proximity and ever-increasing socioeconomic proximity to chronic poverty through the maintenance of symbolic boundaries between themselves and the chronic poor.
  • Technological interdependence and regional growth in Europe : proximity and synergy in knowledge spillovers
  • Economic growth ; Europe ; European Union ; Knowledge spillovers ; Learning process ; Measurement ; Model ; Proximity ; Regional economy
  • Knowledge spillovers are subject to distance decay effects. The main aim is to provide a theoretical framework and empirical evidence on the role played by other kinds of proximities in explaining productivity growth. A sample of EU regions
  • in the period 1990-2004 is used. There is an evidence of a positive role of social and relational proximities as important channels of knowledge spillovers. When simultaneously present, different kinds of proximities generate synergic effects on growth.
  • Proximity and innovation through an accessibility to knowledge lens
  • Accessibility ; Diffusion of innovations ; Economic geography ; Innovation ; Knowledge ; Network ; Proximity
  • The technology park Berlin-Adlershof as an example of spatial proximity in regional economic policy
  • This paper discusses to what extent spatial economic policy has contributed to the development of an interlinked cluster. The article deals with technology parks, spatial proximity, spatial economic policy in Berlin-Adlershof and network development
  • The role played by temporary geographical proximity in knowledge transmission
  • Cooperation ; Enterprise ; Information flow ; Innovation ; Knowledge ; Production ; Proximity ; Research and development
  • Product innovation and the spatial dynamics of market intelligence : does proximity to markets matter ?
  • Economic strategy ; Information ; Innovation ; Manufactured products ; Market ; Proximity ; Spatial dynamics
  • Recursive algorithm for determination of proximal (Thiessen) polygons in any metric space
  • Incomplete experimental designs for multidimensional scaling in Proximity and preference. Problems in the multidimensional analysis of large data sets.
  • Is geographical proximity necessary for knowledge spillovers within a cooperative technological network ? The case of the French biotechnology sector
  • Biotechnology ; Cooperation ; Diffusion of innovations ; Externalities ; French people ; Industry ; Network ; Partnership ; Proximity
  • Entrepreneurship, proximity and regional innovation systems
  • Development ; Enterprise ; Entrepreneurship ; Innovation ; Organization ; Proximity ; Research and development
  • Localized spillovers and knowledge flows : how does proximity influence the performance of plants ?
  • Agglomeration ; Flow ; Industrial establishment ; Industry ; Knowledge ; Labour mobility ; Productivity ; Proximity ; Spillover ; Sweden
  • Activity-specificity in organizational learning : implications for analysing the role of proximity
  • Apprenticeship ; Capital ; Economic activity ; Economic geography ; Enterprise ; Innovation ; Proximity ; Regional development ; Resource management
  • Using the transformation problem to measure the proximity between two sets of weighted points in a geographical space
  • Distance ; Distribution of points ; Geographical space ; Linear programming ; Location ; Optimization ; Proximity ; Transport cost
  • Airport ; England ; Hedonistic model ; Housing cost ; Impact study ; Manchester ; Noise ; Nuisance ; Proximity ; Quality of life ; Real estate market ; Residential environment ; United Kingdom
  • The paper addresses the general question of whether the costs to local economies of airport proximity outweigh the benefits of access, employment and improved infrastructure. Based on data relating to Manchester airport and its surrounding areas
  • , the specific approach adopted in the paper involves an investigation of the extent to which such proximity effects are capitalised into residential property prices.
  • Proximal troughs and ice movements in Gotland, southern Sweden
  • La dépression proximale (proximal trough), une forme d'origine glaciaire ignorée jusqu'à ce jour, est présentée comme un élément déterminant dans l'étude des mouvements de la glace. Analyses de stries, formes orientées, texture, pétrographie des
  • The role of proximity and knowledge interaction between head offices and KIBS
  • Agglomeration ; Expertise ; Innovation ; Knowledge ; Norway ; Producer services ; Proximity ; Quaternary sector ; Tertiary sector ; Town
  • Neurofuzzy modeling of context-contingent proximity relations
  • Fuzzy logic ; Measurement ; Model ; Proximity
  • An analysis of the relationship between residents' proximity to water and attitudes about resources protection
  • Behaviour ; Environment ; Oregon ; Proximity ; Resource management ; United States of America ; Water ; Water resources
  • North Atlantic innovative relations of Swiss pharmaceuticals and the proximities with regional biotech arenas
  • Biotechnology ; Cooperation ; Firm strategy ; Industry ; International competition ; Multinational firm ; Pharmaceutical industry ; Proximity ; Research and development ; Switzerland ; Technological innovation ; United States of America