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  • Urban planning practice in developing countries.
  • WILLIAMS, D. G., (Editeur scientifique)
  • An urban profile of the Middle East.
  • A theory of rural-urban migration in developing countries
  • A sophisticated mathematical model of rural-urban migration, written by an economist, which suggests that push-pull factors would have been ineffective without development in communication and the attainment of independence. (EMS).
  • The physical basis for planning in the Third World VI: Urban planning
  • City limits: Food, energy and employment restraints on urban growth
  • Housing policies for the urban poor in developing countries in Shelter policy and planning in developing countries.
  • Mobilität und Verstädterung in der Dritten Welt. Mit Beispielen aus Lateinamerika.. (Mobility and urbanization in the Third World. Case studies from Latin America)
  • Included in this analysis of rural and urban development there is much information useful to students of West Africa. (EMS).
  • Whither national urban policy in developing countries ?
  • Urban migrants in developing nations. Patterns and Problems of adjustment.