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  • A strategy for urban and regional research
  • MASSEY, D.
  • Using geocoded databases in teaching urban historical geography
  • Computers as applied to urban topics in historical geography.-(D. W. Gade).
  • Addendum to An approach to modelling multilevel decisions in urban systems
  • BATTEN, D. F.
  • Pricing in urban areas under free entry
  • Urban dynamics and urban cycles
  • LANDSAT image processing is used to construct maps of cultivation pattern and for the environmental assessment of agricultural sites in Komarom county, for the detection of urban land use in the area of Budapest and for the estimation
  • LOCZY, D.
  • This document has been written within the framework of the project Theoretical and methodological implications of the Marxist Critical Geography. The object of inquiry has been current Marxist approaches to regional-urban studies. The critique
  • The necessity to protect oneself from climatic extreme events, military attacks, the increase in density of urban land use, environmental and energy problems have led man to use and occupy the underground space. This portion of terrestrial space
  • BOIVIN, D. J.
  • Forecasting in urban and regional planning closed loops: the examples of road and air traffic forecasts
  • ses paramètres, et le projet lui-même. Quand il y a une rétroaction parfaite d'une politique d'aménagement, il est impossible d'identifier le modèle de prévision| lorsque la rétroaction est partielle ou imparfaite, le modèle de prévision est co
  • Configurational analysis and urban and regional theory
  • entre elles les diverses configurations, et en étudiant la structure et les changements qui leur sont associés. Application au contexte de la localisation industrielle, et tentative de modéliser les concepts de D. Massey.
  • Modeling discontinuous change in retailing systems : extensions of the Harris-Wilson framework with results from a simulated urban retailing system
  • KNUDSEN, D. C.
  • Statistical analysis of spatial data in the presence of missing observations : a methodological guide and an application to urban census data
  • T-P Graphs, space-time and an experimental city: an extension of urban factorial ecologies
  • A conceptual approach to the description and analysis of an historical urban system
  • BARKER, D.
  • Dynamic models for urban and regional analysis in Time and regional dynamics.
  • PARKES, D., (Editeur scientifique)
  • Labor, capital and class struggle around the built environment in advanced capitalist societies in Urbanization and conflict in market societies.
  • HARVEY, D.
  • Quantitative methods in Dutch geography and urban and regional planning in the seventies: geographical curricula and methods applied in spatial research in European progress in spatial analysis.
  • OP'T VELD, D.
  • An investigation into the estimation and reliability of urban shopping models
  • COLE, H. S. D.
  • Evolutionary patterns of urban populations
  • The AA. present and describe a model for the simulation of urban development. This model was first proposed by P. Alleu. It has many advantages for geographers, being a dynamic and a spatial system, and allowing bifurcations. It also put, together
  • PUMAIN, D.