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  • Tokaj és kornyéke demografiai helyzete. (Demographic situation of Tokaj and its environment)
  • Part of a development project for the county council. (CK).
  • De binnenlandse migratie in demografisch perspectief. (The infernal migration from a demographic point of view: 1975-2000)
  • This article presents the results of an exploration of the effects of two alternative future demographic developments in the Dutch population, as projected by the CBS, on the development of the internal migration during the period 1975-2000. By each
  • Demographic trends among Soviet Moslems (1959-1979)
  • The A. discusses the distinctive demographic trends among Soviet Moslems, whose numbers are projected to rise from 44 million in 1979 to 64 million in the year 2000. This group is distinguished by high rates of natural increase, little mobility
  • De binnenlandse migratie in demografisch perspectief: 1960-1973. (The internal migration rates between municipalities from a demographic point of view: 1960-1973)
  • This article presents preliminary results of a research project on the influence of demographic changes on the growth of the migration between municipalities of the unmarried males and females and married males in the Netherlands during the periode
  • 1960-1973. The analysis shows that about 80% of the growth of the number of unmarried migrants and about 30% of the increase of the number of married male migrants had a demographic background. (AGD).
  • Démographie ; Evolution démographique ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Mortalité ; Natalité ; Population ; Projection démographique (1980-2000) ; Tchécoslovaquie
  • Some new trends of the demographic development in Czechoslovakia: increase of natality 1968-1973, after this period a decrease of the natural growths again, decrease of nuptiality and both divorce and abortion rates increase. Owing to this fact
  • it is necessary to revise the projects of population development for 1980-2000. (MS).
  • Application of two types of migration data to multiregional demographic projections
  • Demographic changes and service provision in rural areas in the Netherlands in Populations rurales et populations agricoles.
  • Accessibilité ; Campagne ; Equipement social ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Pays-Bas ; Population rurale ; Projection démographique ; Service ; Vieillissement de la population
  • . Included are studies on the spatial-demographic development, an economic analysis of commercial activities and their spatial patterns and a qualitative analysis of the developments and the consequences for the riverfront project Kop van Zuid on the basis
  • Nektera demograficka specifika Severoceského kraje. (Some demographic specificities of North-Bohemian region)
  • A high density of settlement (150 inh./km) is a further specific characteristics connected with strongly industrial character of the region. High level of urbanization has accelerated due to demographic transformation and centralization of housing
  • Demographic impacts on the Netherlands'housing system
  • The universality of demographic processes in the URSS in Geographical studies on the Soviet Union. Essays in Honor of Chauncy D. Harris.
  • Demographic and Social Change in Europe: 1975-2000.
  • De binnenlandse migratie in demografisch perspectief. Werknota nr. 1. Een analyse van de effekten van demografische veranderingen op het verloop van de intergemeentelijke migratie gedurende de periode 1960-1973 The inland migration in demographical
  • perspective. Workpaper n. 1. An analysis of the consequences of demographical changes on the development of inter-municipalitan migration in the Netherlands
  • Demographic and budgetary influence on the geography of the poll tax : Alarm or false alarm?
  • Soviet census 1979. A demographic evaluation
  • The recent demographic evolution in Belgium
  • Demographic russification and linguistic russianization of the Ukraine 1959-1979 in Geographical studies on the Soviet Union. Essays in Honor of Chauncy D. Harris.
  • Demograficko-urbanisticky vyvoj v severnich Cechach. (Demographic-urbanistic development in Northern Bohemia)
  • Belorussia : the demographic transition and the settlement network in the 1980s
  • Demographic situation of adolescents in Czechoslovakia