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  • Thanks to a marking method in natural conditions, which is described, a demographic analysis is made in Ouango-Fitini savannas (401 W, 935 N) for the leaves populations of four Grasses species. The provided data are: survival curves and life
  • patterns in lizards. The demographic component of the reproductive effort (i.e. whether the energy is allocated to a few or many offspring), and the relationships between reproductive strategies and environmental and genetic factors, are also considered.
  • biology of the species is described. The seasonal distribution and demographic structure of the Possession Island's population is described. As an extreme K-strategist, the Sooty Albatross appears to be remarkably adapted to exploit the pelagic resources
  • of each of the two guilds. These strategies occur at three different levels of organization: individual (escaping notice), demographic i. e. population level (cyclomorphosis, polymorphism, migration etc.) and biocenotic (restructuring).
  • in southern France, Corsican tits do not apparently breed at the time of maximum food abundance. The demographic strategies of the Corsican populations of Blue and Coal tits are apparently K-selected.